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Yeti Halloween Costume Ideas

Yeti Halloween Costume Ideas

In Himalayan culture, they describe the fearsome yeti, a giant, monstrous creature that lives in the snowy glaciers, violently preying on those unfortunate souls that encounter him. If you show up to your next party dressed as a yeti, you will be sure to instill fears of anyone you encounter.

• Getting Started

To start, you will need a white morph suit, which can be purchased at a local Halloween store or on amazon. Next, purchase a few white shag rugs from a local department store.

Cut the rugs into portions that can easily be attached to the morph suit, (or if possible, wrap the entire rug around the morph suit). Glue the shag fabric to the morph suit.

The actual white, soft rug greatly enhances the effect of the costume and makes it appear as though you truly are a snow dwelling mythical monster. it would be effective to show that you've killed or maimed before, so a fake, bloody limb would be a great idea. The yeti is known to be dangerous, so be sure to perfect your growl!

• Final Thoughts

Of course, these are other ways to create an effective, intimidating yeti costume. In fact, creating a morph suit that appears to have white fur will work too.

The devil is not so much in the details of this costume, but rather the big picture. The main idea is that you are large, hairy, and scary. Be sure to complete the outfit with a Yeti mask.

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