Small World Halloween Costume Ideas

Small World Halloween Costume Ideas

Have you been around the world a few times - or like to pretend that you have? Show your friends how cultured you are with a worldly Halloween costume that displays your vast knowledge of another nationality. Here are some ideas:

• Mexico

Get your sombrero ready because everyone loves a Mexican costume. The trick here is to not be too stereotypical, since you're trying to look cultured. Something abstract like dressing in the colors of the Mexican flag might work, or even wearing traditional Mexican clothes if you got them from somewhere authentic.

• Japan

If you want to wear the Japanese colors, it's pretty easy: just white and red. The land of the rising sun has a rich culture that you can draw from, too. Consider dressing as a samurai or a Shinto priest / priestess.

• China

Ni Hao! Thinking of wearing a Chinese-themed costume? Why not go with something royal like the outfit of a Chinese emperor. If you're feeling a bit more humble, you could also try being a terracotta soldier.

• West Africa

There are many countries in Africa, and it is an extremely diverse continent, but when most people think of it, they imagine the noble tribes of West Africa.

You might consider wearing a cool tribal costume to pay tribute to these. If you're looking for something that's a bit more North African, why not wear an ancient Egyptian costume, like the pharaohs of the distant past?

• Europe

Like Africa, Europe is extremely diverse. You might try dressing in traditional German clothes and pass around some German beer. Perhaps you might prefer dressing like one of the Royal Guards in the UK.

There are lots of traditional and well known costumes to choose from. Do you love getting to know other cultures? Why not make it a project this Halloween to both learn about a new culture and put together a costume?

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