Women's Halloween Costume Ideas

Are you looking for some dark Halloween costume ideas to scare the living daylights out of your friends and family? The more thought you put into your costume ahead of time, the better it will likely turn out. For truly scary costumes, classic themes are usually the best...

Dark Angle Costume

Fallen Angle - By Angle Gomez

There are dark angles among us - and this is still true on Halloween night. Angles costumes have always been popular at Halloween parties and makes for the perfect costume. The only question is, how elaborate do you want to get?

• Getting Started

A dark angel has an interesting duality. On the one hand, her angelic nature can remind us of heavenly beauty, but on the other hand the fact that she has fallen from grace means that she's a demon. The first and most important aspect of the costume are going to be your angel's wings. You can get some from a Halloween store or construct some yourself. Unless you want to be really elaborate, it's probably going to be cheaper and easier to just buy them.

You can get them in a number of price ranges, from simple little plastic ones that you strap around your shoulders, to giant ones with feathers that you can buy at some cosplay stores. Since you're a fallen angel, just make sure that they're black, otherwise you could be mistaken for a regular angel.

• Clothing

The next thing you're going to want to worry about is your clothes. As with any angel, robes are just fine. You can also try a more modern look and wear regular street clothes if you're an angel who is caught up with the times. You have a bit more choice here with color. You can wear black, or you might consider wearing a bright, dramatic white to contrast with the color of your wings. You can also try some old fashioned corsets and other period clothing if you're a woman (or, heck, even if you're a man) and you like the Gothic look.

If you're a human-looking angel, you might not need any makeup at all. However, if you want to get in touch with your demonic side, you can buy a demon makeup kit or even get a scary demon mask. Whether or not you're ready to give up paradise, a fallen angel outfit might just be the perfect costume for you. Get creative and fly down from the heavens this Halloween!

Witch Costume

The Dark Witch - By Joyce Miller

The dark witch costume is a favorite among teens. It allows them to appear evil, magical and attractive all at the same time. The main thing to remember about this costume is that all clothing and accessories should be black.

To get things going start with the hat. Dark witches are known for their long cone-shaped pointy black hats with a full brim. The very top of the hat needs to sag down a bit too. You can probably find one of these hats in a novelty store.

For clothing, the main pieces you will need are a long skirt, long-sleeve button shirt, cape, and scarf. Again, all these pieces need to be colored black. The shoes will also be black, but make sure they are high heel shoes because even witches have some style to them. At this point, you have the basic dark witch costume set up. But, you don't want to stop there because you can have a lot of fun with the makeup and accessories.

• Your Accessories

For your face use black lipstick, eyeshadow, and nail polish. For the accessories a popular choice is the broomstick with black fibers on the end. To make a one, take a regular broomstick and spray paint the fibers with black paint. You may also find a premade one in the novelty store along with the hat.

Lastly, try wearing some black jewelry. It doesn't need to be all black, though. You could wear a couple of moon rings with black gemstones and a necklace with a black diamond hanging down. Obviously, you can use fashion jewelry for this as no one expects you to purchase anything authentic.

Corpse Bride Costume

Here Comes The Bride - By June Fisher

Nothing is scarier than when a young, unassuming woman dresses up as a corpse bride. It subverts the beauty that we expect to find in a woman who is at the prime of her youth, and presents us with a chilling vision of death.

• Wedding Dress

What would a bride be without her wedding dress? Your ghoulish figure should be adorned in the finest garments you can find at the party store. If you want something a bit more authentic, a trip to a thrift shop may be in order; you can often find wedding dresses and other formal wear for quite cheap.

Get an old, worn wedding dress - the kind a ghost lurking in the attic of an haunted house would wear. At any rate, try to find something inexpensive, because the look will include adding a few rips and maybe some blood stains.

If you want to go all out, have some wounds showing through the tears in the dress or some other indication of how you met your demise; some inexpensive latex prosthetics can make for quite the convincingly gruesome wound.

• The Hair

If you're a crazed ghost who was scorned on her wedding night by a murderous husband, your hair is unlikely to be pristine. Make things messy and unkempt, comb your locks up the wrong way and build something of a rat's nest if it doesn't bother you to walk around that way all night.

Alternatively, if you're afraid of split ends on your real hair, or your hair is not long enough to give the kind of effect that you're looking for, you can always wear a crazy wig (or wear a nice one and mess it up a bit). Don't forget to top it all off with a veil.

• The Props

This is what will really lend authenticity to your ghostly form. You're going to at least need a few wedding-related items; for example, throw together a bouquet of dead roses to represent the love that could never be - extra points if the roses are black, like your cold, dead heart.

If you're a psycho corpse bride, you may want to throw in an ax or a rusty dagger; these can be found in plastic form at most Halloween stores. If you maintain that you were the victim all along, perhaps you can drag around the instrument of your death, such as a noose.

All in all, a corpse bride costume is a great classic that you can bring out year after year, since it never really goes out of style. Just be sure to add some creepy make-up to your face and maybe even your hands to make your ghoulish outfit all the more convincing.

She-Devil Costume

Dark Demon - By Silvia Platt

Who ever said that the devil had to be a man? If you're ready to rule the underworld in girlish style, then consider being a she-devil for Halloween. Here are some ideas on how to put it all together:

Depending on what kind of she-devil you are, there will be a different outfits to chose from. Generally speaking, the devil is seductive, so you probably want something a bit on the sexy side. Perhaps a black lacy skirt with fishnet stockings and a tight shirt. If you're not into that, you can always go the mysterious route and wear a dark trench coat or a leather body suit.

How mythical do you want your devil to be? If you like the fantasy element, then consider getting some demonic wings and maybe even a a pointed tail. If you want an even more elaborate costume and you're showing some skin, you might even want to draw on some scales or other demonic elements on your body. Naturally, you'll want some kind of horned headpiece, or some horn prosthetics that you can attach to your head. How huge and elaborate they are is up to you, but they're basically a requirement or else you're not immediately recognizable as the devil.

Your face needs to be otherworldly, so you're going to want to give yourself a demonic makeup job or wear a disturbing demon mask. Again, how scary or ugly you make yourself look depends on the theme of your she-devil costume.

If you're going the sexy route, make yourself look a little more human. If you're trying to scare people, then feel free to make yourself unrecognizable. Ready to drag your friends into the fiery pits of Hell with you this Halloween? Try a she-devil costume and rule their condemned souls for the rest of eternity.

Dark Raven Costume

Say Nevermore - By Jan Poe

Once I saw upon my parlor floor, an attractive woman sitting by my door. She wore all black and with caw-like roar, quothed to me: "Nevermore." Black raven might be an oxymoron, but in a costume it is glorious.

• Simple Raven

Imagine, for a moment, chic meets druid. Where on this spectrum you decide to place the costume is up to you. It can be as ornate and plumage filled or as simple and elegant as you desire. How you go about the costume depends a lot if you decide to go simple or involved.

The simple costume is black, sexy, and alluring. Within this costume, you have options. Are you a human who can turn into a raven, or a witch with a raven familiar? Note that having an actual raven is not recommended - though mad props if you have one - so a toy version is perfectly acceptable. In the simple form of this costume, you are a raven by color and by choice. You must sell the allure with the power of black clothing and confidence. Dark hair helps, too.

Even at the basics of an eye- catching black outfit, preferably with some lace or frills to simulate a feathery look, this costume looks great. If you want to go even further, you can. imagine for a moment you are not a druid, but something more. You are not a human who can turn into a raven, but a raven of the forest who can become human. Yet you can't quite get the look right. Your feathers show, but you look good and have that aura of power that lets people know to leave you alone.

• Complex Raven

Feathered outfits are definitely a tricky prospect. If you buy them you want them to be of good quality so that your plumage looks great and properly displays your feathery glory. If you make it yourself, you're looking at a lot of time and materials to get the look right. Either way, going feathery will be involved, but the look is definitely worth the effort.

As for accessories, a more minimalist costume can benefit from some silver jewelry. Silver goes extremely well with black, after all. As noted before, a toy raven propped on the shoulder as a familiar can work as well. For the more ornate, feathery look, some jewelry could work, such as bracelets, a necklace, or even anklets if you're daring. Some rings could work too. If you go for a traditional druid look, remember they generally can't wear metal, so stone jewelry is a good alternative.

Of course, if you go the feathered route, your plumage should be the main attraction, for you are no mere pretty bird. You are a raven, the trusted familiar of Odin, leader of the Norse Gods. You peck the eyes from the fallen, impart your wisdom to those wise and brave enough to seek it, and, above all, you look really, really good while you do it. However you go about the costume, confidence in your own power will carry a lot of the look.

Medusa Costume

Snake Eyes - By Hellen Brown

Are you sick of hopeful suitors following you around at every Halloween party? Are you sick of strangers saying hello? Are you sick of having friends? What you need is a bunch of snakes on your head. Nothing makes people run faster than a bunch of snakes staring at them with beady little eyes.

• Your Head

Of course, the first area of concern will be all of your little "children" and how you will manage to get them on your head in the first place. Though you might be craving an authentic Medusa experience, it is not advisable to put actual snakes on your head. Even dead snakes may invite the ire of the animal rights activists among your friends.

Instead, a good (and cheap) approach may be to collect dozens of rubber snakes and glue them onto a wig. Pose the serpents with wires to give your new hairdo that layered look. You can also opt to buy a pre-made Medusa headpiece, but making your own with cheap plastic or rubber snakes from the dollar store will probably be more cost-efficient.

• Your Clothes

Since the story of Medusa is a Greek myth, you will probably want to go with an ancient Greek-style outfit. Shop around at costume stores for a typical female toga. If you want to get fancier, add some shiny accessories and jewelry to show everybody that you're a goddess.

• Makeup

This is up to you. No one says Medusa's face has to look like anything specifically, but if you want to look scary, a reptilian monster look would suit the character very well. You could even try wearing fangs in your mouth like a snake. Inject a little bit of venom into your next Halloween party with a Medusa costume.

Butterfly Costume

Flyaway - By Jo Hersh

One of nature's most beautiful creations is the majestic butterfly. If you want to embody this graceful creature this season then wear a butterfly Halloween costume.

• Butterfly Wings

The first thing that you'll need to consider is your wings. What kind of butterfly are you? A monarch? A swallowtail? Maybe you'd rather be an imaginative butterfly that doesn't necessarily exist in nature. Either way, visit a party store or look online and choose your wings carefully. This is what will determine the color scheme of the rest of your costume. Alternatively, you can also make your own wings. For a simple pair, you can buy some mesh fabric from a fabric store and attach it to a wire frame that's shaped like wings.

• The Body

Depending on how realistic you want to get, the body can be as simple as a dress that matches the palette of your wings or you can wear a bodysuit that is designed to look like a butterfly's thorax. A simple approach might be to go with a full-body zentai suit that matches the wings.

• The Face

You have a few choices here. You can wear some makeup that matches your outfit, or you can get a mask with an insectoid look. Be careful, though, insect masks can look creepy and this might not be the impression that you're going for. Either way, you would do well to get a pair of antenna to wear on your head. So once you're ready to flutter off into the sunset and pollinate some flowers, put together a beautiful butterfly Halloween costume!

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