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Magical Wizard Halloween Costume Ideas

A wizard is a person that practices or uses magic and supernatural tools. Wizards are often found in fantasy literature and they are part of almost any culture in the world. They have always impressed people and needless to say, this is especially true when it comes to children. So, it is no surprise why wizard Halloween costumes are so popular.

Magical Wizard

You don't have to wear a wizard Halloween costume that represents some character from a book or movie. Take this wizard from the image above for instance. You will basically need a dark shirt and dark pants and cover yourself with a dark/grey cloak. It is good to find and use a brooch that comes in a mysterious form. Another accessory that can make your wizard Halloween costume more interesting is to use some kind of lighting ball in your hand (you can find a toy like this at almost any toy store).

Harry Potter

When we talk about Harry Potter Halloween costumes, people usually have two options - to dress as Harry Potter or to dress like some other characters from this book and movie. Creating a Harry Potter costume is quite simple. You need a black robe (a graduation robe can do the trick) and a magic wand (use your imagination and find an item that represents a wand - stick, pipe etc.). As most people know, Harry Potter is wearing round glasses so don't skip this detail. If you are looking for a way to spice up things, you can carry a broomstick and wear a wizard's hat.

Dumbledore is another popular wizard and character from Harry Potter. This Wizard is wearing pale pink coat and interesting hat (not a typical wizard hat). In addition, you will need fake white beard and of course - a wand. Girls can choose the character of Hermione - one of the best friends of Harry Potter. You can choose the clothes that she is wearing at school and you must carry the wand all the time. It would be perfect if you are wearing this costume while you are accompanied by "Harry Potter".


This is definitely the most popular wizard from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Gandalf is a good wizard that takes care of the hobbits. Gandalf, just like most wizards, is wearing a long cloak made of wool, vest and uses a silver clasp as a weapon. He is sometimes wearing a classic wizard's hat. In order to make clear what your costume means you must wear a white wig and long white beard.


Merlin is one of the most famous wizards in the world's history. He was part of the King Arthur's court. Merlin has a simple outfit that consists of long tunic with wide and extra-sized sleeves and of course a pointed cap. In addition, Merlin has a long silver beard.

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