Wizard Cosutme Ideas

Magical Wizard Costume Ideas

A wizard is a person that practices or uses magic and supernatural tools. Wizards are often found in fantasy literature and they are part of almost any culture in the world. Here are a few ideas on how to put a wizard costume together:

Magical Wizard

You don't have to wear a wizard Halloween costume that represents some character from a book or movie. Take this wizard from the image above for instance. You will basically need a dark shirt and dark pants and cover yourself with a dark/grey cloak.

It is good to find and use a brooch that comes in a mysterious form. Another accessory that can make your wizard Halloween costume more interesting is to use some kind of lighting ball in your hand (you can find a toy like this at almost any toy store).


This is definitely the most popular wizard from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Gandalf is a good wizard that takes care of the hobbits. Gandalf, just like most wizards, is wearing a long cloak made of wool, vest and uses a silver clasp as a weapon. He is sometimes wearing a classic wizard's hat. In order to make clear what your costume means you must wear a white wig and long white beard.


Merlin is one of the most famous wizards in the world's history. He was part of the King Arthur's court. Merlin has a simple outfit that consists of long tunic with wide and extra-sized sleeves and of course a pointed cap. In addition, Merlin has a long silver beard.

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