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Witch Halloween Costume Ideas

Legends of witches are a very old and widespread phenomenon noticed in many different cultures. Witches are usually portrayed as female creatures that have destroyed the fruits of the soil, conducted mysterious rituals, casted spells and curse people. They were viewed as women who are involved in sorcery and serve the dark, supernatural forces.

Witches have always been associated with All Hallows' Eve or Halloween. These mysterious creatures are often used to scare children although there are many adults who believe that witches are real. I won't debate whether witches are real or not because we can all agree that they are ideal for Halloween costumes.

Gothic Witch

Black is surely the color that is closely related to Gothic style. So, in order to make a Gothic witch costume you will need few pieces of black clothes like skirts, boots or blouses. If you want to make your costume scarier, you will need to take care of the details too. For example, use a completely black nail polish, emphasize your eyes by using dark eye shadow and use some dark Gothic jewelry too.

Victorian Witch

Those who want to look more elegant and scary at the same time, you should consider this costume. There are few pieces of clothing that you will need: long skirt, lace-up boots, Victorian era corset and elegant jewelry. You should definitely use makeup to make your face paler and you should also take care of your hair (an up-do will do the job).

Witches Form Books & Movies

Witches are featured in many movies, TV shows and novels. Instead of imaging how a witch might look, you can use these characters and spice them up a little bit with some unique accessory.

First of all, we will mention the Wicked Witch of the West. This witch was portrayed in the Wizard of Oz movie, a movie that every adult has probably seen. The outfit is very simple, long black dress, black shirt, and black witch hat. What is different is the color of the skin � you need to use green color on your hands and face.

The Little Mermaid was one of the most popular animation movies in the 90s. The girls that watched this movie then are now women and Halloween is the perfect day to refresh their memory by wearing a dress inspired by Ursula the sea witch. Ursula was wearing a very elegant dark dress, interesting necklace, but you will need to spend more time on the eyebrows, hairstyle and makeup in order to look like Ursula.

Just like any other Halloween costume, these costumes require some accessories. You don't have to get them all, but try to have at least one. For example, you can use a broom, or a wand or even a bottle of magic potion. Most witches are not very attractive so you can also paint or use some fake mole on your nose, extend your nose and add some white streaks on the hair.

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