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Wicked Witch Halloween Costume Ideas

It looks like the number of unique ideas for Halloween costumes is growing every year. However, there are certain classics that are always popular for people of all ages. One good example is the witch costume. Loved by both adults and teens, witches are a symbol of Halloween.

Women who practiced unusual rituals and dabble in the dark side are known as witches. When it comes to mythology, witches are individuals that possess supernatural powers and often use brooms as means of transportation. There is something that makes witches interesting, yet scary. In many countries Halloween is known as the night of the witches. You can never go wrong if you choose a witch costume for Halloween - one costume that is especially popular is the Wicked Witch.

To start, you'll need a black hat - the hat needs to be crooked because that's the way wicked witches wears her hat, it also looks creepy too. The hat may come in different shapes and sizes, so feel free t experiment, however most teens and adults go with the pointy hats.

The wicked witch wears a long dress that is dark in color (usually black). Don't forget that the wicked witch is not very fashionable, so the dress must be a little bit worn and messy. You will achieve the best effect if the costume comes with tears. This visual shows that you've been involved in some dark activities affecting your appearance.

The next step is makeup. Be sure to to put primer on your face because it serves as support for the makeup and helps it stay for a long period of time. Next, apply a high-quality green costume makeup. That's right - the wicked witch has green face and even body. You must cover your entire face with the green color. Don't forget to put makeup on your neckline and neck. Basically, the entire skin should be green. Use black eyeliner and around your eyes to make them look even scarier. If you want to look really gross add a big black mole on your nose or on your chin.

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