Wicked Halloween Costume Ideas

The dictionary describes wicked as, "unpleasant, bad; nasty." If your looking for a wicked costume to freak-out your friends at your next Halloween party, then check out these wicked ideas below:

Swamp Monster Costume

Murky Waters - By James Holt

Lurking deep beneath the murky waters of the bayou is a terrifying entity known as the swamp creature. The swamp creature typically resembles a humanoid fish hybrid shape covered entirely with mud, leaves, and other greenery. Here's how to put such a costume together:

• A Body

To start, you'll need an old wet suit that you won't need anymore. Paint the entire suit a "swamp green" color (typically a dark green or olive). Also wear latex gloves painted in the same color.

Next, you'll need a full body fishnet that you can drape over your wet suit. Be sure to gather some seaweed and other vegetation from a nearby area, or feel free to simply use fake vegetation/greenery. This will create the effect as though you've been living in the murky swamp for years. Using dark green face paint, apply a generous layer across your forehead, cheeks, and entire face.

Of course, what is a swamp creature without gills, to create the gills, purchase plain white paper plates with ridged edges. Paint the outer curve of the plate the desired green cover. Cut out a portion of the ridged plate and use body glue to place it on your necks, cheeks, forearms, and if desired, top of your head

. To create a more "aquatic look" purchase a muscular morph suit, which can be found on Amazon or at a local Halloween store for a minimal price. Using the green paint, paint large portions of the costume. This will create the imposing sea monster effect.

• A Tail

Finally, every intimidating swamp monster has a tail that they use to traverse the murky depths of their aquatic habitat. First, you will need a standard pool noodle. Start by cutting your pool noodle to the desired length of your tail.

Next, paint the noodle the desired shade of green and drape a fishnet over the tail. Using the same foliage from the construction of your body, use glue to attach some leaves and seaweed to your tail. If you are aiming for a scarier depiction of a swamp creature, feel free to experiment with fake blood or even carry around a fake body part to let people know that you have claimed quite a few victims in your past.

Swamp monsters have been depicted in such a wide variety of ways, it is hard to go wrong with any type of experimentation you choose. Above is simply a basic outline, but you can certainly take liberties to create your own unique swamp-dwelling monster!

Leatherface Costume

Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Blake Williams

When The Texas Chainsaw Massacre hit theaters in '74, fans were utterly blown away at the shocking displays of violence and gore. Since its debut, the chainsaw wielding lunatic known as "Leatherface" has become a pop culture icon. Here's how to put the costume together:

• To Outfit

To start, you will need a tattered pair of denim blue dungarees. Be sure to leave one strap undone, with various holes throughout the outfit. Using some fake blood, drizzle some along the front of the dungarees, letting people know that you've killed before and will not hesitate to do so in the future.

Next, you will need knee high socks and black or brown boots. In other adaptations, Leatherface can be seen wearing a dirty button down shirt and an apron, so feel free to mess around with a few of his looks. Remember, Leatherface is neither intelligent nor civil, so it is important to "act" the part as well, being sure to walk and move in a rather stoic matter.

• The Mask

Get some scraps of flesh-colored or beige leather. Start stitching or gluing the pieces of leather together to form the basic outline of your face; be sure to use large brown or black stitching as well.

Cut out holes for your eyes and mouth. Using a piece of elastic, so it into the back of the mask so that it fits snugly around your head. Next, brush some fake blood and some dirt upon various parts of the mask (remember - Leatherface' s mask is made from real victims, so it should be bloody and unpleasant looking.).

• The Weapons

Finally, you will need a weapon, most notably a fake chainsaw or a fake sledgehammer, which can certainly be purchased at any prop store. You can also use real items if you happen to have them in your garage, but just be sure to remove the blade from the chainsaw and to be careful at all times.

Mountain Witch Costume

The Spell - By James Holt

One of the extraordinary things about human nature is the way that similar themes pop up again and again in the mythology of cultures that spent countless generations completely separated.

One of those common myths that exists is both Western and Eastern cultures is the idea of an evil mountain hag that casts spells on innocent people. Why not embody that hag this Halloween? Whether you are male or female, this witch is achievable, since her distinctive feature will be her wrinkled and wart-ridden face.

For this style of which, you have a few options: You can go with a combination of makeup and prosthetics, or you can go with a mask. Unless you are particularly skilled with latex prosthetics, you might simply want to go with the creepiest mask that you can find.

As far as clothing goes, you'll definitely want to go with rags. For authenticity, avoid the party store and instead visit a thrift shop. Find something that drapes the way a robe does and rip it up. You might even want to get some paint to make it look aged.

Zombie Pirate Costume

Dead Men Tell No Tales - David Jones

With all of the popular zombie movies and TV shows, people have been dressing up as zombies for Halloween. The same is true for buccaneers, especially after all of those successful Pirates of the Caribbean films. What if you were to take zombies and pirates, and put them together, though? You would get a Zombie Pirate Halloween costume.

The first thing you're going to need to look for is a pirate costume. You can make one if you're crafty enough and know your way around a fabric store. By far the easiest method is to buy the entire outfit from a party store or Halloween store, though. If you shop around, you may even find one that comes with accessories so that you don't need to buy those separately.

At the very least, make sure that it comes with a buccaneer shirt and pants. Since you're going to be a zombie, you're probably going to want to get your clothes dirty. Rip them up a bit, too, while you're at it. A pirate hat or bandanna is the most important accessory. You can throw in an eyepatch, too, since both buccaneer and zombies have a tendency to lose their eyes. It could also be a good idea to get a zombie parrot. You might be able to find one at a Halloween store.

For footwear, find some boots that seem reminiscent of the 1600's if you can. Get a fake sword or a fake pistol for your weapon. Another creepy addition that you might consider is a fake limb. Hide your real arm and make it look like your fake one is dangling on by a thread.

Your makeup is what's really going to add the zombie element. Get a zombie makeup kit and make sure that you have plenty of latex wounds. Buy some fake blood and have it dribble from your skin. Make your skin look ashy and pale. Ready to join the undead in Davy Jones locker? Try a zombie pirate costume this Halloween.

Dark Nun Costume

Holly Cow - By Sister Mary

Have you ever wanted to be a nun, but didn't think you could live up to all of the boring lifestyle changes that it might entail? This slightly-sacrilegious costume will get everyone heads turning.

To Start your going to need the basic nun outfit. However what will set you apart form normal looking nuns is your face - it should be some inhuman color. Perhaps a gray or jet black shade that blends in with the night works well.

You can also add other colors here and there and be sure to were dark red or gray lipstick. If you want to get in touch with your demonic side, you can buy a demon makeup kit or even get a scary demon mask.

Goth Gal Costume

Little Black Dress - By June Tiller

Do you feel like you missed your chance to wear all black and look like a tortured artist because now you're an adult and you can't get away with all that teenage angst? It's not too late! You can be a goth girl for Halloween.

• Dress

The first thing that you're going to need is a black dress. Get the darkest black that you can find. If you're on a budget, try looking through the racks at your local thrift shop; there should be plenty of dark offerings there. If you're lucky, you'll find someone's old funeral clothes.

• Accessories

Go to the fabric store because you're going to need a lot of black tool to make your veil. Let it fall over your eyes seductively. On top of your head, you might want to incorporate a small hat or even an ironic black bow. Just make sure that they're not too festive looking, or you might accidentally lift someone's spirits.

One great accessory you could use is one of those parasols that are made of black tool. They won't do much to keep the sun off your pale, Gothic face, but they sure do look cool when you pair them with an all-black outfit. A black choker can help finish the look.

• Make Up

This is where you don't need to wear black. Cover your face in powder or pale foundation. Make sure you look as pallid as possible to contrast with all the black. Do you love the Gothic look and need an excuse to wear it? Halloween is the perfect time, so dress up as a goth girl this year.

Plague Doctor Costume

Black Death - By Tim Dorsey

Some costumes tow a careful line between being too soon and just right. One potentially controversial, but still fun Halloween costume in these trying time is the iconic medieval Plague Doctor.

• A Short History

Plague Doctors, as the name implies, were doctors, as much as the term meant anything, who from around the seventeenth century -and not the first outbreak of the Black Death several centuries before- treated victims of the Bubonic Plague.

Dressed in greased all black with a beak mask stuffed with herbs, the doctors tended to avoid catching the plague as disease carrying fleas couldn't get to their skin to feed. The doctors themselves were often failed apprentices and second rate physicians, but the stark nature of the costume, combined with its morbid nature, make it an iconic outfit for costumes, period pieces, and fantasy.

• The Costume

The outfit is an easy enough costume choice, but it will require a bit of work to pull off effectively. The mask is potentially the easiest part because finding a plague mask online or in a costume shop should prove pretty easy.

It should also be noted for Steampunk fans that a variant of the costume based on that genre is possible. Finding such a mask might be a bit trickier, but if you're into Steampunk you can probably make the needed adjustments yourself. That's part of the fun of the genre, after all.

The other important component of the outfit is a black cloak. Ideally, you would use a black oilskin duster for this. Dusters can get pretty pricey, though they are water proof, so if your Halloween leans toward the soggy you'll stay dry. That said, knock-offs can be found with some searching, and if you'd rather use cloth or other similar materials, it should do the job just fine. For a more modern look, some folks use an updated, nineteenth century outfit, with buttoned shirt and pants.

• The Accessories

Finally, don't forget the hat and boots. Black boots are great for soggy days as well, but can get expensive. Regular boots covered up by the cloak will work. As Shawshank Redemption taught us, how often do you really look at a man's shoes? The hat is easy, too, since it's a pretty basic style and can probably be bought from a costume shop. Instead of looking for plague doctor hats, though, consider a black gambler style hat. It's close enough for the job.

If you can find the plague doctor hat - its a little higher and broader, usually- then go for it. That aid, the gambler hat would work well with a more modern take on the costume, as well as a Steampunk motif with the right adjustments. Part of the fun of such costumes is making them unique so that they reflect your personality while also demonstrating your passion for the costume itself.

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