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John Wick Halloween Costume Ideas

John Wick has become one of the most beloved action heroes of the modern era. From his cool, calm demeanor to his mind-blowing martial arts maneuvers, Wick is simply one of the most dangerous men on the planet which makes for a fun Halloween costume.

• Clothing

If you show up to a Halloween gathering dressed as the legendary assassin, you'll be sure to instill fear in the heart of anyone that wants a piece of you. The film follows Wick, a retired assassin thrown back into a life of violence after mobsters kill his beloved puppy.

Remember, John Wick is one of the best assassins in the business, so you'll want to don a very professional, unassuming look. To start, wear a pair of black dress shoes with black pants and a belt. Next, wear a white button down dress shirt with a pronounced collar and a long black or grey tie.

Indeed, most of these can be bought at a local department store. Finish the clothes portion of the costume with a black suit jacket. To really nail the John Wick look, wear a black wig at about shoulder length and put on a fake mustache and beard, as this is his signature look.

Of course, Wick goes through some incredible fighting sequences throughout the movies, so do not be afraid to spice up the costume with some battle damage. He is frequently seen with cuts above and below his left eye and across his nose.

You can also get creative and tear the suit in various areas to make it appear as though you've fallen or been in a scuffle. Just make sure it isn't a suit you need again in the future.

• Other Assassins

If you can't quite nail the signature John Wick look, don't be alarmed because you can always dress up as one of the assassins looking to take him out, and the best part about them is that their look is very versatile.

These men are very mysterious, so you'll want to wear an entirely black or blue suit. It is important that the assassins aren't recognized, so they appear to be professional businessmen.

The primary villain in the series, Mr. Tasarov, is known for his leather jacket, so feel free to dress up as the menacing antagonist. Most of these men get brutalized by John Wick throughout the three films, so fake blood and damage is a great idea for these costumes. Don't be afraid to accessorize with some fake bullet wounds or fake broken noses. After all, you are going up against a legendary, respected assassin.

• Weapons

Finally, any John Wick costume has to have weapons. John Wick typically uses a small pistol, a sniper rifle, and a machine gun. Most of these fake guns can be found at a local Halloween store. Be sure not to make your costume seem too realistic though, you wouldn't want to alert any assassins at the party and be mistaken for the real John Wick!

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