Snow White Halloween Cosutme Ideas

Snow White Costume Ideas

The classic Snow White costume can be quite detailed and require someone with a lot of knowledge about sewing in order to replicate it. The good news is that even if you can't sew you'll be able to put together a beautiful Snow White costume with a minimum amount of work.

Getting Started

To get started, you'll need to turn to your closet. If you can't find the necessary items there, scour secondhand stores in your area; you'll sure to find items that will work. Your Snow White scavenger hunt list is short.

First, you need a short-sleeved blue shirt. It can be a basic blue scoop neck or V-neck T-shirt, but if you can find a shirt that's a bit more dressy, perhaps one with blue frills detailing the neckline, this will be more befitting of a princess

The next item on your list is a yellow skirt. The length of the skirt doesn't matter; for a more modest Snow White costume, you can go long. If you'd like your Snow White to be flirty, a shorter skirt will do. Accessorize the yellow skirt with any kind of red belt and you're well on your way! Shoes in most colors will work, but bright red shoes will truly make this costume shine.

Snow White has jet black hair and snow white skin, so these are the next items on our list. If you don't have naturally black hair, a short, straight wig (preferably in a bob cut) will work. Tie it up with a big, red bow (or put on a headband that's topped with a red bow) to complete your hairstyle.


Next comes the makeup. Mix a tiny bit of white makeup in with your regular foundation to lighten your skin to a proper color that's befitting of Snow White. You can apply as little or as much makeup as you like (depending on your vision of Snow White), but be sure not to forget ruby red lipstick.

• Additional Elements

Many people like to top off their Snow White costumes with a red cape, but that's optional. If you have one lying around from another costume or feel inclined to make one, then go ahead. Otherwise, accessorize with a "poisoned" red apple. Wander around the party pretending to bite the apple and fall into a dreamlike swoon and see if your prince will arrive and rescue you.

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