Werewolf Halloween Cosutme Ideas

Werewolf Halloween Costume Ideas

After the movie release of "American Werewolf in London," werewolves have been all the craze. So why not transform into a werewolf this Halloween? Here's how to put such a hairy costume together:

• Werewolf Design

Werewolf Halloween costumes can be found in different designs and styles. If your crafty enough you can try to create your own costume. For this costume you will need fake fur (a lot of fake fur), torn up pants, a shirt (ripped/torn) and makeup.

You should focus on placing fake fur on the exposed body parts and ripping the clothes carefully. The makeup should consist of grey around the face and don't forget your eyelashes and eyebrows too. If you have long hair you can make it look messy or you can also wear a wig.

• Don't Shave

Men should stop shaving for at least one week before Halloween. Fake teeth are also a good idea. Keep in mind that there are many werewolf costumes that can be bought in costume stores or on the Internet. If you don't have much time you can just purchase a werewolf mask.

• Werewolf Details

Whatever option you choose, remember that it is all in the details. So, you can experiment by adding some fake blood on your shirt or even around your mouth.

You can also use makeup and some piece of metal on some part of the body like you have been hit by a bullet, but it did not work because the bullet was not silver. It's fun to know wearing a werewolf costume is always excellent because these creatures are popular. Twilight is just one example of a popular movie that features these creatures.

• Final Notes

Although werewolves are usually portrayed as males, girls and women don't have to worry because there are female werewolf Halloween costumes too.

Werewolf costumes never go out of fashion and you can definitely shine this Halloween night by wearing one. Take the time to work on the makeup and the costume plus watch a few movies, so you can get the moves down pat.

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