Men's Warrior Costume Ideas

Wearing a warrior costume this Halloween can make for a very awesome look, especially if you want to show off your physique or unusual fighting skills. Let's take a look at what you will need to put such an aggressive costume together:

Spartan Warrior Costume

This is Sparta! If you have a physique that you're proud of (or even if you don't), Halloween is a great time to show off those abs with a Spartan costume. Like many of the legendary warriors of yore, finding the right elements to dress yourself won't be too hard because you won't have to wear much.

• Briefs

Spartan is often used as a synonym for "minimalistic," and the reason for this is obvious if you've ever seen The 300. A briefs-like brown cloth should suffice as far as bottoms go, and there's no need to wear a shirt up top. It's questionable whether actual Spartans fought semi-nude like this, but this is what most people these days envision when they think of the majestic Greek warrior.

If you feel a little too self-conscious about running around in what is essentially underwear, then consider wearing fustanella over it, a pleated skirt-looking thing that Greek soldiers often wore.

• The Cape

According to oral tradition, Spartans wore red capes because it would make their injuries less apparent, as the blood would blend into their clothes. Whether or not this is true, it has become an important part of the Spartan image, so shop for a red cape online or get some blood-red fabric from the fabric store and make your own.

• Equipment

What is a warrior without his sword, shield, and helmet? You can easily find Spartan or just generic Greek-style weapons and equipment in party stores. If you want to get fancier, you can also buy a replica sword and shield, but of course this will be pricier. If you want to show some skin and rush into battle this year, try a Spartan Halloween costume!

Samurai Warrior Costume

The samurai fighter costume can turn any teenage boy or adult man into a tough looking samurai. This is quite an extensive costume which has many parts and layers to it; including clothing, armor, helmet, sword, and waistband.

• Clothing

You will want all your regular clothing for the costume to be made of polyester material, preferably black polyester. You can start with a long sleeve shirt and long pants with an elastic waistband. If you can find some polyester black gloves, then that will be good too.

• Armor

Next, you will focus on the armor. There are many separate pieces of armor that you can use for different areas of your body. The full costume could have armor for your shins, knees, shoulders, torso, forearms, and upper legs.

If you don't purchase this armor at a novelty store, you can purchase Sintra poster board and create your own armor out of that if you are creative enough. You can color the armor red with a gold colored outline, although there are really no set colors for this. Use your own creativity for the colors.

• Helmet

As for the helmet, it can be metal or plastic which closely surrounds your entire head except for your face. Think of the Darth Vader helmet from Star Wars but without the facial piece. The part of the helmet that is over the forehead area is called a crest. This is supposed to symbolize the rank of a Samurai warrior.

For decoration, just use a metal U-shaped object and attach it in reverse on the forehead area of the helmet. Finally, go out and purchase a samurai prop sword. They are made of plastic or stainless steel in most cases.

Templar Knight Costume (Warrior Monks)

You've trained for years, vowed to die for your kingdom, and now it's time to put your deadly sword skills to the test. Er, or maybe just impress your friends at your next Halloween get-together. Regardless of your mission, you'll need a templar knight costume that impresses even the most fearsome of foes.

• The Outfit

It's time to dig out some old clothes or visit the local thrift shop. You can make the central part of your templar knight costume with two simple layers: a dark long-sleeved hoodie and a white lab coat, trench coat or oversized jacket with the sleeves chopped off. Use a large square of red cloth to cut out the cross, which you'll then glue to the chest area. You can also make your costume look like it came straight from the battlefield by snipping some extra holes into the material, fraying the ends and smudging some dirt on the cloth.

• The Accessories

No templar knight is ready for battle without a shield, sword and belt. With a healthy supply of paint and cardboard, your shield and sword can be made in a few minutes, with an old belt to hold your weapon at your side. Finally, a popcorn bucket spray-painted silver can easily pass as your majestic helmet - just don't forget to cut out the eye-slits. With this costume on your side, your next Halloween will undoubtedly be a knight to remember.

Dark Warrior Costume

Many popular TV shows showcase the epic warrior class, and if you're looking for a simple and easy costume that is sure to be a hit, then maybe you should give the classic warrior a try.

• Getting Started

A warrior is vulnerable without his armor, so first you're going to have to find a set to put on. This armor can be as cheap as a plastic chest plate, or as classic as real leather. If you're willing to spend a lot, you could also splurge on some chainmail for a truly authentic look.

• The Armor

Since you're trying to look dark and menacing, wear as much armor as you can, it has a de-humanizing effect that is unnerving, especially when combined with the right headgear. Also, if you're covered from head to toe, you can just wear your regular clothes underneath and not have to worry so much about changing if you need to take the costume off.

As for shoes, a pair of nice leather boots should suffice. Try not to pick ones that are too modern-looking, and in fact they will look better if they're a little torn up. Since you're a dark warrior, find boots that are bigger than your usual shoes if you can, something that will make you seem taller and your footprints seem bigger.

• Headgear

Headgear is sort of optional, but part of keeping yourself protected from the arrows being flung all around you is having a helmet. Depending on what kind of warrior you are, your helmet should be different and should reflect your class and culture.

For example, if you're a Greek soldier, you'll want a traditional Greek helmet. If you're going for a dark, evil look, though, it's probably best to get a helmet and mask that cover your whole face if you can manage it-unless it makes you too sweaty.

• Weapons

Finally, what is a warrior without his weapons, right? This is where you get to decide what kind of fighting strategy you're going to take. Are you the kind of guy who likes to target enemies from afar and deliver a deadly blow quickly? Maybe you should try a bow and arrow. Or maybe a fake sword witch is a lot scarier for for Halloween night.

Ninja Warrior Costume

Wearing a ninja warrior costume this Halloween can make for a very awesome look, especially if you want to show off your physique or unusual martial arts skills. Let's take a look at what you will need to put such a costume together:

• Getting Started

Needless to say, ninjas wear black so that they can sneak up on their targets in the dead of night, unseen. You can easily find ninja suits online or at party stores, but if you're really hard up you might be able to sew one together on your own using lack fabric.

Ninjas are anonymous assassins, and naturally you'll want to wear a black ninja mask that covers your head and face. Again, you can find this at most party stores, or you can make it yourself. One of the advantages of this is that people don't have to know who you are. So if you're going to a party and you want to see your friends, but you're trying to avoid talking to your ex girlfriend, this costume's a winner because she might not even recognize you.

• A Sword

You'll need at least a sword, but the more weapons the better. Maybe try some twin katana as well as a throwing star. Are you ready to move like a ghost in the night? Try a ninja costume this Halloween and get to the party by sneaking in through a window, and leave without anyone knowing you were ever there.

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