Sexy Warlock Halloween Cosutme Ideas

Sexy Warlock Costume Ideas

For those curious on the difference between a warlock and a wizard, it depends on the gaming system and entomology. Generally, warlocks use items to cast spells, like wands and staffs. Wizards usually use books. With that being said here's how to put such a costume together:

• Face

Warlocks and wizards have something else in common besides magic, and that is a beard. You don't need a beard as long as Gandalf's, but it definitely adds to the rugged look one expects of the rugged sort of spellcaster warlocks tend towards.

If you don't feel like growing a beard, or can't, there's no reason not go with a fake one. Clip-on beards have long been touted in the magical community for easy removal in case of a grease fire. What you do with your hair and color of said beard isn't really important here, because you're going for the style of the look rather than narrow motif. Warlocks come from all walks of life, after all, so no reason to narrow your choices.

• Outfit

When it comes to the clothes, they do make the man. Unless you're not wearing them, and the rugged look of a shirtless warlock is certainly an option. There's nothing wrong with wearing the right clothes though, but make sure to set yourself apart from other casters. Still, black is a classic look, and it goes with the dark vibe warlocks tend to gather. Besides, black is easy and cheap to find and play with to get the right look.

• Accessories

While they might get by with a staff and a grimoire, you, a master of magical item attunement, have a much more varied arsenal. A staff still works really well, because it never hurts to have a walking stick handy, especially if you need to bonk some sense into an insane king.

Other good odds and ends are some potions, which also make for a great way to bring a drink with you. Wands are another standby, and if you want to go really crazy, you can make a bandolier of them to show off how truly powerful you are as a warlock. Color coordination is less important with this outfit, since the black clothes are tricky to mesh with, and it's neutral enough that you don't need to worry too much about such issues. Besides, warlocks are much less concerned with their fashion sense.

Of course, you're trying to go for sexy here, but power is pretty sexually appealing. So as long as you got the confidence that comes with wielding magical power, and the tools to use it, you're on the right track for a great costume.

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