Warlock's Potluck (Potpourri) Halloween Costume Ideas

When your office is having potluck for lunch you never know what your going to eat - the same is true here (but with articles.) I've included a random collection of my best costume ideas for you to devour, enjoy!

Mannequin Costume

Macy's After Midnight - Jason Myers

Have you ever walked into a department store and got chills down your spine as you glance toward the creepy mannequin in the corner? Did it glance back? Did it move? Despite being essentially hunks of plastic in human clothes, mannequins can actually be extraordinarily creepy.

• The Face

To Start, you'll want to buy a plain, white, plastic mask that covers the majority of your face. Purchase a makeup foundation or acrylic paint that closely resembles your own skin tone. Paint the entirety of the mask in this chosen color and allow it to sit until it is dry. This will give the impression that your face is no longer flesh, but rather plastic.

Feel free to further adorn the mask with lipstick, eyeliner, a birthmark, etc. It all depends on how realistic you want the mannequin to look. To make things even creeper you can add some cracks on your skin to show that your old and discarded. Another option is to leave the face smooth, devoid of all human features.

• The Clothing

Next, you'll want to dress as though you were a mannequin, which typically entails department store clothing. For our men, most mannequins wear jeans and a sweater with sneakers, or perhaps a dashing suit with a tie and dress shoes.

For women, most mannequins include a dress with heels or perhaps a wintery look, complete with a sweater and scarf. The clothing is truly up to you! You can also adorn the costume with as many accessories you'd like (jewelry, a weapon, a cane, etc.) Most mannequins you'll see in stores also wear wigs, sometimes oversized. However, you are welcome to wear your natural hair as well.

Finally, feel free to drizzle blood throughout the mask or clothing if you are going for a "murderous mannequin" look. The idea that mannequins can be horrifying was first popularized by the 1979 supernatural-horror Tourist Trap, in which evil mannequins came alive with a lust for blood.

When you attend your next Halloween costume gathering as a mannequin, be sure to stand in the corner and wait for unsuspecting partygoers to pass by so you can scare them.

Donald Trump Costume

The Dark Horse - By Nancy Pollack

Donald Trump is a business mogul, reality TV star and president of the United States. During this year's Halloween celebration, it would be fun to have a Trump costume because it's different from traditional Halloween costumes.

• Trump Mask

Masks are a great idea to bring out a character. There is good selection of fun Donald Trump masks sold online including Amazon.com They bring out his facial features and hairstyles quite well. Find a good Trump face mask and wear one with a nice, suit and your good to go.

• Shocking Hair

Trumps hair is unique and has been the butt of jokes, from Saturday Night Live, to late night with Jimmy Kimmel. You can get a large Donald Trump wig in white blond color. Ensure the wig has large hair that projects upwards and rolls a little towards the brow.

The wig will be the most outstanding part of the costume. A red tie or tie in another color. Donald is always in suits and ties so this is also appropriate. Finally a pin of the USA flag can be a part of the costume to symbolize his presidential ambitions.

• The Suit

Donald trump is also famous for his suits. Mr. Trump is normally dressed in a business suit and a hat. His choice of hat is a red cap that he places on top of his head. It barely covers his head.

For this a large red cap is worn on top of the blond wig and the costume completed with a dark colored suit. This embodies Donald Trump on the campaign trail and on his TV shows.

Find a quality, dark business suit to complement the outfit. A nice leather belt and good quality leather shoes should also be included. All these will nicely complement the basic Trump Halloween outfit and can be worn but both men and women to imitate the flamboyant politician.

Senior Citizen Costume

I'm Your Superman - By Tom Kent

Dressing up in costumes is not an activity that can be used exclusively by children and young adults. There are situations when seniors can enjoy dressing up in unique costumes too. Here's some ideas for the young at heart:

• Supper Man

If your a man over 65 years-old, lets face it, you are superman. Nothing is more more sexy then wearing a flashy red cape complemented by a red mask. Put a big gold "S" on the back and your ready to fly. Of course there's not much too this costume, however its a lot of fun and best of all it can be worn with a formal suit.

• Charlie Chaplin

Now here's a costume that will bring good memories to many senior citizens. Even though Charlie Chaplin was a famous comedian many years ago, he is still respected for his role in the movie industry. In order to create a good Charlie Chaplin costume you will need a black suit, white shirt, dark tie, black round hat and fake mustaches. Of course, don't forget the cane!

• Robin Hood

Robin Hood has been portrayed in movies in a variety of different ways. The typical Robin Hood costume will consist of a long sleeve solid green shirt, brown vest, black waist belt with a pouch attached, high-heel leather boots, brown or black pants, and brown gauntlet gloves.

The head can be left alone, or you can put a hat or hoodie over it. You could use a green felt hat with a feather on the side (like in the Errol Flynn movie). Either that or use a green shirt with a hoodie in the back and put it over your head. Finally, strap a quiver filled with arrows to your back and carry around a bow.

• Super Mario

Super Mario If you want to look cool in the eyes of your nephews and nieces, you can turn yourself into the world's most famous plumber, Super Mario. Blue overalls, red shirt and red hat are the two most important things for this costume. Try to add the letter M on the hat.

• Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman might not be the most popular superhero character today, but every adult and child knows how Wonder Woman looks like. So, your dress must include a blue bottom/skirt with white stars, gold and red top and the tiara on your head should be in gold color with a red star on it. There is no doubt that these senior citizen costume ideas will make your next costume party more fun.

Firefly Costume

Fire In The Sky -Sue Whitmore

One of the most beautiful aspects of summertime is the eye-opening, stunning firefly. Seeing the flashed of light as you sit peacefully in the backyard is one of the most relaxing experiences you could ask for! Today, we will describe how to transfer these magical bugs into a Halloween costume.

• Getting Started

To start, you will need a primarily black outfit. For the pants, black sweatpants or jean will work just fine for this. For sneakers, generally any color will work, but try to stick with black or yellow, to mimic the legs of a real firefly. Wear a large black hoodie, sweater, or long sleeve shirt for the top.

• The Antennae

Using black construction paper or felt, cut out large antennae: It works best to draw them first and then cut them out. Use an old black beanie hat to either sew the antennae into the hat or use fabric glue to adhere the antennae.

• The Wings

Next, we are going to work on the wings of the firefly. Using a cardboard box, cut out the desired wing shape, as seen in the picture below. Now, using black construction paper (or again, you can feel free to use black felt as well), cut out small circles and glue them to the cardboard wing shape. Repeat this process for the second wing and let both sit to dry for about one to two hours.

Next, using an elastic string, tie the two wings together and add a small "loop" so that it can go over your head and rest against your neck so that the wings drape down to the middle of your back.

• The Light

Now, for the main attraction of the costume - the firefly's lightning abdomen. Purchase a white lantern from a local department store. Be sure that you buy an extra bright one so that it shines and illuminates the rest of the costume when you are trick r treating in the dark or navigating your Halloween party when the lights are out.

Using an elastic band, create another loop and place it over your neck, but this time, drape it over the front of your body so that it rests just below the sternum and above the belly. If you so choose, you can also create your own lightning abdomen by purchasing a plain, empty lantern and filling it with small lights of your desired color - purple, yellow, white, blue, pink, etc.

• Final Thoughts

There is no limit on the creativity available with the lantern. You can feel free to make your firefly as realistic or colorful as you so choose. By following the above guidelines, you will have quite the eye-popping, visually pleasing Halloween costume among all your friends!

Jockey Costume

Away They Go - By Lucky 'Baby Hands' Lucero

Do you like horses, or do you simply spend way too much time at the track? Celebrate the great sport of horse racing by dressing up as a jockey this Halloween. It's actually pretty easy to put together a costume:

• Your Outfit

You're going to need some riding pants, a long-sleeved shirt, and some high riding boots. You can buy a pre-made Halloween costume from a store that provides some of these elements, but you can just as easily come up with them yourself without too much trouble.

For example, for the shirt, you can find a long-sleeved rash guard at any clothing store. If you're really strapped for cash, you can even look through second-hand store racks for something suitable. As far as the pants go, any white, stretchy pants should work fine, especially if they have a colored line down the side of the leg.

Riding boots are a little harder, since real ones can be expensive, but if you don't mind looking a little inauthentic, you might be able to substitute rubber rain boots if they are tight enough.

• Your Headgear

Naturally a jockey will need his specialized hat, but you can put on a plain baseball cap and it might work. If it looks too much like a standard ball cap, you can modify it to make it look more like signature jockey headgear. Just make sure it matches the outfit.

• Your Horse

If you don't have a real horse, then a hobby horse is a good substitute. You could also convince one of your friends to be the horse, but good luck getting him to agree to let you ride! Don't forget your riding crop, either. You can find these at most adult stores. Ready to ride off into the sunset...or at least down the track? Wear an awesome jockey costume this Halloween and let your friends bet against the odds!

Desert Cactus Costume

Prickly - Brian Johnson

Anybody that loves Halloween costumes will assure you that the best outfits are always the most creative ones. Take a cactus for example. A green, prickly, oddly shaped plant. Surely this isn't a great idea for a costume, right? Wrong. Let's take a look see:

• Basic Cactus

To start with the traditional cactus costume, you will need to purchase a light green bodycon dress. A bodycon dress is a very specific type of dress that is long and tight fitting. It is figure hugging and designed to show the curves of the body.

Be sure to pick a color that is similar to a traditional green cactus. Of course, the main characteristic of the cactus is the prickly thorns or spikes, which protect the plant from a variety of predators.

To recreate these thorns, you will need to purchase white pipe cleaners. Gather about a dozen white pipe cleaners, cut them in half at the center and fold each new piece in half. Using a single stitch of white thread, sew the pipe cleaners into the green bodycon suit, making sure to place the stitch directly over the center of the half of pipe cleaner.

As far as placement goes, it is entirely up to you where you would like the thorns to be. Keep in mind that you are attempting to recreate nature, and there is no specific ruleset. Your cactus can have as many or as few thorns as desired.

• Flower Cactus

Next, we have the beautiful woman cactus costume. Here, you'll want to start with a light green skirt. Use the pipe cleaners once again to create the prickled thorn effect. Using light green body paint, color your legs, thighs, and arms the desired shade of green. Apply your usual makeup, but try to swap out your standard hues for some different green one.

Next, you will want to add a beautiful flower, either on the skirt itself or embedded in your hair. You can snag one from the garden, buy one from the store, or simply make one using red, green, and yellow construction paper by cutting out different petals and attaching to a circular "body." To finish the costume, feel free to wear green shoes or a green wig to complete your cactus fashionista look.

Track Runner Costume

1500 Meter Race - Mike Bolt

Have you ever wanted to fly like the wind and blow your competition away? If so, you might consider being a track star at this year's Halloween party. Here's how to hit the ground running:

• Athletic Runner

This costume is easy, get some athletic shorts, a stretchy athletic shirt, and some running shoes, like the professional runners. Print out a sheet of paper with some numbers on it and tape it to yourself. If you want to show off your achievements, can even have some Olympic medals around your neck.

• Overweight Runner

Oh, the irony! Most track runners are pretty slim, but who says you can't fly like the wind with your lovely lumps? Just like the athletic runner, get some shorts, a shirt, and some running shoes, like the professional runners. Make sure to bring a water bottle so that you can periodically drench yourself in sweat.

• Coupes Runner

This costume has the same elements as the athletic runner except you need to apply dusty, pale makeup on your skin, since you're dead. Be sure to add some wrinkles as well, or some scary prosthetics. Included ripped t-shirt and shorts to enhance your creepy look. For the women, cover yourself with the same pale powder, but add some exaggerated lipstick and mascara.

Jazz Musician Costume

One Jive Cat - Roger Armstrong

Are you a hip and happening cat who is hip to the jive, man? Even if you don't know what any of that means (and probably no one does anymore these days), you can be a cool Jazz musician who is as smooth with the sax as he is with the ladies. Here are some Jazz musician costume ideas for next Halloween:

• The Suit

For a genuine 1940's Jazz musician look, you're going to have to invest in a classic zoot suit. The color doesn't matter so much as making sure that it is authentically baggy and that you choose a decent tie to go with it. You can often find convincing zoot suits at party stores or online for a much cheaper price than a genuine specimen. If you can get an actual classic zoot suit by raiding Grandpa's attic or something similar, then all the better.

• The Hat

Only a pork-pie hat or a fedora will go well with the classic Jazz zoot suit, but it is an integral part of the outfit and will pull your look together. Fedoras aren't too hard to come by, but to get one with that old look you may have to order online. Dig through a few thrift stores if you want your hat for a little cheaper.

• An Instrument

Of course, if you're a Jazz musician, you should have a tool of the trade. Pick an instrument that's frequently featured in Jazz, especially one of the recognizable brass ones. If you think finding an real instrument might be too expensive, you might be able to find or make a fake one.

• Jive Talk

No Jazz musician can hang with his fellow cats without some jive talk. Go online and look up a glossary of terms so that you can wow and offend your friends with your misuse of slang. Ready for your standing ovation? Grab your saxophone and be the life of the part in your Jazz musician Halloween costume!

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