Las Vegas Halloween Costume Ideas

Are you feeling lucky this Halloween? Are you itching to hit big on a slot machine or at craps? If so a Las Vegas themed costume might be the winning number. If your looking for something unique then check out these lucky costume ideas:

Poker Player Costume

Bad Beat - By Bill Murphy

Poker is becoming more and more popular these days, and it's no wonder because some people make millions gambling. Of course, they can lose those millions in mere hours as well, but that's part of what makes gambling so addictive, it's unpredictability!

• A Losing Streak

The first type of poker player you can be is the ill-fated gambler who is facing a major losing streak. Though most of us would like to think that we know when to quit, the truth is that we often don't, and the result is that we end up losing our shirts!

You can literally walk around shirtless with ripped pants and messy, greasy hair. Have dark circles under your eyes and make it look like you haven't slept in days because you gambled away all of your life savings.

Throw in a flask of booze, too, to show people that you're drowning your sorrows. Have a few poker chips in your hand, the last bit that you're holding onto. It's terrible to lose, but it's worse to lose everything!

• A Winning Streak

There's also a glamorous side to gambling, and that's when you win! If the odds have been in your favor this time, then get a fancy leisure suit and put on a bunch of fake gold rings. Get some fake chains, smoke a fake cigar, and walk around with your pockets stuffed with fake wads of cash.

You might also want to put some playing cards up your sleeves, maybe you decided that the usual odds weren't good enough for you, you cheater! If Vegas is your favorite playground, or even if you've never gambled a day in your life, a poker player costume may be the perfect fun outfit this Halloween!

Money Costume

I'm In The Money - Mike Winn

Has anyone every told you that you're right on the money? Have you ever dreamt about winning a mega jackpot in Las Vegas? If so now's the time indulge your fantasy by wearing a money-themed costume! Whether you want to be rich, or you just like Benjamin Franklin's portrait, you are sure to be a hit at the party.

• Money Hat

The first thing you're going to need is a hat with a print in the style of 100-dollar bills (or whatever your local currency is). You can find this easily at a party store, but if you're cheap, you can make your own by taping a bunch of single dollar bills to a baseball cap.

If you're really cheap, you can use Monopoly money to do this instead. Just make sure you don't photocopy any real money, or else the Secret Service will be after you. Alternatively, you can also just have a hat with a bunch of dollar signs on it. It's up to you.

• Money Jacket & Pants

Just like the hat, you'll want an outfit that is printed with cash. It might look tacky, but it fits the theme. Try to find a jacket and pants with the same exact print as the hat, so that it all matches. If you can't find this, then try something contrasting, like dollar bills for the hat and dollar signs for the outfit.

• A Big Winner

Another option is to give the impression you were a big winner in Las Vegas. Women can were a sexy black dress and men a nice sport jacket and slacks Adorn a gold chain and earrings with dollar signs on. Bring around a wad of fake money to throw at people if you're going to a Halloween party. (You can even toss around poker chips and and playing cards) Make it rain! Again, just make sure the money is fake, unless your rich.

If you don't like the fake cash idea, you can also find little tissues that are shaped and printed like a 100-dollar bill. Pass them out to people so that they can mop up their tears of joy when they see you. Ready to show your friends that you're in the money? Wear a money-themed costume this year and draw some attention!

Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas Costume

Desert Winds - Brian Murphy

If your a fan of Hunter S. Thompson Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, this costume might be the winning ticket. This costume is easy to make and is cost efficient. Here's how to get things started:

• Raoul Duke

For the Raoul Duke costume you will need a black floral aloha shirt, orange amber sunglasses, a visor or a white bucket hat. Be sure to have a cigarette dangling from your mouth to complete the look. (If you don't smoke, you can always purchase fake cigarettes at any Halloween costume store.)

• Dr. Gonzo

For this Cosutme once again you will need a floral aloha shirt, dark shads and a 70s style hair cut and a mustache. (If necessary you can purchase a wig/mustache at any Halloween store.) Complete the Dr. Gonzo look by carry around a suitcase full of (fake) drugs.

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