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Female Vampire (Vampirette) Halloween Costume Ideas

It's almost Halloween and vampire bats are flying everywhere. When creating the perfect vampire costume, the first step is to focus on the makeup. A generous portion of white-cake face paint is necessary, with a touch of red blush, black or blood red lipstick, black eyeliner, black or blue eyeshadow, and black eyebrows. If you do not already have long black hair, then you should either color your hair black or wear a black wig.

To make yourself look scarier, you can add some fake blood below your lips and/or on your clothing too. Make sure you wear clothing that you don't mind wasting if you're going to put fake blood on it.

As a female vampire, you'll want to wear clothing which makes you appear scary and attractive at the same time. A tight polyester black dress will certainly achieve this goal. But if you want to go all out on the vampire look, you could wear a black caplet that is open in the front. It should also have red satin style lining too. Alternatively, you can wear a black velvet dress with hanging bell sleeves. Your footwear can be black high heels or slippers.

Do not forget about your teeth. You can add some vampire fangs over your normal teeth. You can find these for sale in literally any novelty store. You can also purchase the fake blood there too. But if you go to a Halloween store which sells premium quality accessories, you should pick up a pair of vampire contact lenses for your eyes. There is nothing scarier than a vampire with red or green eyes.

To complete the look, you can add jewelry as an extra option. Perhaps you could wear a big red moon ring on your index finger and a black pearl necklace around your neck.

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