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Devil Halloween Costume Ideas

When it comes to Halloween costume ideas, there's nothing more classic than a good old devil costume. There are a wide variety of devilish getups available in costume stores and on the web, but with a little bit of planning, you can put one together yourself for something that's one-of-a-kind.

For a soul-searing devil costume, red clothing is a big help. A good resource for red tops, pants, and skirts is a store that specializes in dance costumes. Not only will you be able to find your choice of clothing in dazzling, bright red; you'll likely be able to find pieces that shimmer and shine. A red tutu or red top paired with a glamorous red skirt will work for a she-devil. For the gents, a red shirt paired with red pants will be the basis of your costume.

You can go with classic red, if you'd like. Black heels or boots will give your feet a cool "devil-hoof" look, however. For a different devil look, instead of red clothing, use red body paint. This works equally well for both guys and girls. For women, you'll need a little black dress (devilishly short, of course) and black high-heeled shoes. For men, a black pair of pants will do. Any skin that isn't covered by your clothing will be covered in red body paint.

Once you've got the foundation of your costume down, you'll need to figure out accessories. A proper devil must have horns. A tail and a pitchfork (or some sort of staff to summon and control demons) is a plus, as well. You can top off your costume with ferocious fangs. Most costume stores sell all of the above if you don't want to put a large amount of time or work into making them.

If you want more than tiny, basic devil horns, you can make frighteningly large ones with inexpensive items at home. (The look you'll achieve will be like Tim Curry's devil in the film Legend.) For this, you'll need a big piece of thick foam, a black headband (the kind that fits on top of your head). First, draw the shape and size of your horns on a piece of paper and cut it out. Using that as a template, trace it on your piece of foam four times and cut them out.

You'll end up with four, squared-off pieces that look like the horn version of those foam "Number One" fingers that fans hold up at sporting events. Bear with me, though. For each horn, you are going to glue two of these blocky horns together with either liquid latex or hot glue. You will now have an even thicker version of what I described above.

On the bottom of each horn, draw a circle that will be your guide for the final round horn shape you will trim each one into. With a box cutter or scissors, trim the horn edges down to match that circular shape. Cut a slot for the headband into the bottom of the center of each horn and glue the horns onto the headband.

Next, coat the horns in liquid latex and use strips of paper towels to wrap around the horns, giving them a textured appearance. For the best effect, fold over the top edges of each paper towel before sticking them on. Coat the paper towels with a layer of liquid latex and allow it to dry.

Finally, paint your horns whatever color suits your purposes. Many people opt for evil-looking black horns, but you can also paint them traditional devil red. No matter what, these horns will be the perfect accessory to your memorable devil costume.

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