I Love Lucy Cosutme Ideas

I love Lucy Costume Ideas

Every year, you rack your brain to come up with the most original, most attention-getting costume. What will make your friends laugh? What will be memorable? For the most original, most attention getting costume why not be Lucille Ball?

• Getting Started

One of the most beloved TV shows of all time is I Love Lucy. Here's how to become Lucy and her eye-rolling husband, Ricky. For Lucy, it will truly make your costume pop if you have red hair. If you're not a natural redhead, you can opt for a red wig or temporary red hair dye.

Even if you don't opt for red hair, you'll need to style your hair in a vintage 1950's bouffant. Next, you'll need a 1950's style dress. If you need to improvise, a polka dot diner waitress costume (minus the hat) will fit the bill. You can wear it with an apron or add in a black belt with a large buckle. Add in some buckle shoes (in either red or black) and you're finished.

• Different Episodes

If you're getting truly inspired by these TV show Halloween costume ideas and want to recreate a different Lucy episode, here goes: Find a baggy chef's shirt with a floppy, white chef's hat and tote along a pocketful of chocolates to mimic the famous candy factory scene. For the guys, putting together a Ricky costume is easy. All you need is a baggy suit in black or gray. Top it off with a flat-topped straw hat and bow tie for the perfect Ricky.

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