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TV Halloween Costume Ideas

Every year, you rack your brain to come up with the most original, most attention-getting Halloween costume. What will make your friends laugh? What will be memorable?

One of the best ways to create a mind-blowing costume is to create something original that no one else will be wearing. A great source of inspiration is well-known TV shows. Use these TV show Halloween costume ideas to get people talking at this year's Halloween bash!

Lucy and Ricky (I Love Lucy)

One of the most beloved TV shows of all time is I Love Lucy. Here's how to become Lucy and her eye-rolling husband, Ricky. For Lucy, it will truly make your costume pop if you have red hair. If you're not a natural redhead, you can opt for a red wig or temporary red hair dye. Even if you don't opt for red hair, you'll need to style your hair in a vintage 1950's bouffant.

Next, you'll need a 1950's style dress. If you need to improvise, a polka dot diner waitress costume (minus the hat) will fit the bill. You can wear it with an apron or add in a black belt with a large buckle. Add in some buckle shoes (in either red or black) and you're finished.

If you're getting truly inspired by these TV show Halloween costume ideas and want to recreate a different Lucy episode, here goes: Find a baggy chef's shirt with a floppy, white chef's hat and tote along a pocketful of chocolates to mimic the famous candy factory scene.

For the guys, putting together a Ricky costume is easy. All you need is a baggy suit in black or gray. Top it off with a flat-topped straw hat and bow tie for the perfect Ricky.

Kim Kardashian (The Kardashian's)

The Kardashian clan has so many different looks that dressing up like one of them isn't a tough task. To pull off the perfect Kim look, you'll need dark hair (or a straight, dark wig). You can go for casual Kim with a matching workout clothes or red carpet Kim with a form-fitting, sexy dress and heels. Don't forget oversized sunglasses and a cell phone to take lots of selfies-you are Kim Kardashian, after all!

Al And Peggy Bundy (Married with Children)

First there was Lucy and Ricky, then there was Al and Peggy. Just think of them as the anti-Lucy and Ricky. To dress up as Ed O'Neil, the guy playing Al Bundy, you will need to toss on a somewhat baggy business suit and tie. Lose the jacket, loosen the tie and undo the top button of the shirt (revealing a white T-shirt underneath). Stick out your stomach and walk around or sit with one hand tucked down your paints.

The perfect Peggy Bundy costume may take a bit more work, but the end result will be worth it. The core of this costume will be a red wig (or red hair) teased into epic 90's hugeness, as well as tight, black hot pants and a shoulder-revealing shirt in a loud pattern such as zebra print. To achieve the ultimate Peggy effect, apply bold, dark makeup, throw on some dangly earrings, and put on a pair of high heels. Voila!

Snooki (Jersey Shore)

While we're discussing loud, gaudy costumes, let's cover how to put together a Snooki getup. For a Snooki costume, you'll need three things: long, dark, straight hair , huge sunglasses, and an outfit that's tight and any kind of animal print.

Whether you choose a leopard-print shirt with tiny, tight black shorts or a curve-revealing, shimmery alligator print micro-dress, you can pair your outfit with any shoe of your choice. Tennis shoes? Fuzzy bedroom slippers? Knee-high boots? No matter what you choose, it's the Snooki thing to do. For a more authentic costume, apply a nice layer of spray tan the day of the party.

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