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Botched Clinical Trials Halloween Costume Ideas

Clinical trials are popular because you can make money trying untested drugs that may cure medical problems. Of course, the down side is adverse side effects - but WTF, If your willing to take a chance, why not sign up for a clinical trial this Halloween and be a hit or pariah at this year's party.

Worm Face

Bags Begone Cream - The goal of this product was to remove bags form people's eyes, however in the clinal trial something went terrible wrong - 98% of the subjects developed worms around the eyes and scalp. The clinician notes read, "We really screwed up on this one. Subject #13 keeps scathing her hair, like that's going to help, lmao."

Imagine signing up for experimental treatment study and you leave with bloodsucking worms stuck to your face, draining your blood by the second. For this costume, you want to make it as gross as possible.

To start, you need to purchase a small jar of modeling wax, which forms to the skin like a prosthetic, available online for under twenty dollars. Slather it around both orbital bones, leaving out a hole in the middle (this, of course, is for your eye.).

Next, using body adhesive, glue each prosthetic to the left and right side of your face. Now, we need to make the worms. For this part, buy a bag of large sour gummy worms and place them in a bowl.

Using a pink or red spray paint, color all of the worms to resemble the actual insect. Once dried, glue them onto the prosthetic that has been applied to your face. Feel free to get even more creative, such as spraying fake blood throughout the rest of your face and neck.

Green Energy

168-Hour Energy Pill - The product did work as expected, subjects had high energy for 168 hours without sleep: however, the negative effects; subject would ooze green sludge from their pours, and some blood too. The notes read, "Oh well another botched trial, glad it wasn't me."

For this medical mistake, you want to send the message that you are so energetic that you can be considered deranged. To start, go shirtless (ladies, feel free to wear a sports bra.) and wear shorts. Using green body paint, apply the desired amount to your body and face to create the effect that you are oozing energy and from the experiment (some stores even sell glow in the dark green paint for an added effect.)

If you really want to get creative, add actual green slime to the paint, to make the costume all the more realistic. If you want, utilize some red body paint and drizzle throughout the green for the effects of blood.

Oozing Pus Face

Youthful Skin Gel - The ideas was for beautiful youthful skin. However in the experiment, 77% of the people tested had a terrible reaction and developed oozing puss like sours all over their face and body. The trial notes read, "Has potential - if you can over look the pus, lol."

Unfortunately, an experiment for ultimate beauty ended in a horrific skin condition. First, we need to create the fake pus-filled blister. Here, buy a bag of gelatin powder (always available in the baking aisle of any grocery store) and a small bag of glycerin (usually found in the pharmacy section).

Mix 1 tbsp. of gelatin with 1 tbsp. of glycerin and a half tbsp. of water in a small cup. Then microwave the mixture in 5 second bursts until it is liquid. When hot, mix in yellow / white food coloring and pour droplets of the mixture onto parchment paper. Once cooled, use body adhesive to glue the pus droplets onto your face. Be sure to get creative with some fake blood to hit home the idea that these are extremely painful blisters.

Crater Head

AcneX Face Cream - Was supposed to be the ultimate cure for acne. However in trials 100% of the subjects got awful looking creates over their face and bleeding gums. The clinician notes read, "Oh well, back to the drawing board on this sucker."

For the crater face effect, use thin layers modeling wax, apply it to the desired areas on your face. Next, use the head of a screwdriver to poke indents into the prosthetic / wax. Use red food coloring or another form of fake blood to fill each indent. Be careful at parties, this costume is so realistic you may even scare people away from talking to you.

For the bleeding gum effect, you can always buy a 10 pack of fake blood pills from your local Halloween store and periodically place on in your mouth and chomp down for some bloody fun. However if that's too much, you can always buy fake blood stained teeth as well.

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