Autumn Tree Halloween Cosutme Ideas

Autumn Tree Costume Ideas

Halloween means autumn, after all, and there's no better time to embrace the transitional slumber of deciduous trees and the plethora of colors their leaves provide. Embracing the beauty of such nature can be tricky because it involves a lot of parts. It can be done, however, as long as you do it right.

• The Face

To cap off an autumn costume, a good mask and hair accessories will really help top it off, so to speak. The old school method would be to just throw some twigs and leaves in your hair and call it done. While you can still do that, a mask would help, too.

Fortunately Groot has made a good tree mask easy to obtain. If you want to go for a natural look, taking some old bark to form into a mask is certainly an option as well. The idea is to use something natural from the environment, that you might find for yourself if you were out in the savage wilderness. Use your imagination.

• The Arms

Obviously strapping old bark all over yourself isn't ideal, though it is an option. To simulate tree branches, fake leaves and bark can do the job just fine. Both can be found at craft stores if you look around or online.

In a pinch, or if you're feeling especially crafty, you can make the leaves from colored paper and the wood from cardboard and the like. It might not look as authentic, but the crafty nature makes it fun, and that means it could be used as a kid's version of the costume.

• The Legs

To simulate the trunk, fake bark or cardboard can once more do the trick. For a little detail, some artificial moss is a good idea, too. Little touches like that really help to bring out a costume.

Such additions can become as simplistic or as involved as you want, and they're what make the costume unique. This is especially fun on custom built costumes with different concepts or ideas, like this one.

• The Feet

Replicating some sturdy roots for your autumn tree can seem tricky, but really as long as you doll up some reliable footwear with bark and fake dirt, you've got it covered. It's a good idea not to use regular shoes for this, just in case the bark or dirt get them cruddy.

An older pair of reliable shoes or the pair you use for mowing the lawn are great for this sort of thing, since you don't have to worry too much about them getting dirty. As long as they're comfortable and take the accessories attached to them without a problem, they should hold together long enough to get the job done.

Halloween falls roughly in the middle of autumn, and depending on where you live the trees will look beautiful. Why not celebrate that beauty with a unique, nature focused costume that not only showcases your crafting talent, but also how much you appreciate an often overlooked season? The fall season deserves it's time to shine as well, so feel free to enjoy Halloween and autumn as much as possible.

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