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Women's Costume Ideas Through Time

1920s Fashion

Period piece costumes can be a lot of fun. If you're going to go that route, though, you want to do it right. That means knowing a bit about the culture and reasoning behind the outfits that have become the costumes.

Flapper girls were a special generation of women in the United States and Europe during the 1920s. If you want to roll back the clock this Halloween the flapper girl outfit might be the perfect costume.

• Skirt

The Flapper girl Halloween costume starts with the skirt or a short dress. This should be a skirt made of satin, polyester, and velour. The neckline of the skirt should have a V-shape and the bottom should have a low hemline. As for the colors, you can choose any combination of colors that you want. A solid black color also looks good for this costume too.

• Lower Body

The next area you'll work on is your lower body. You can choose to use stockings or just go bare-legged, depending on the occasion and how much sex appeal you want to have. The footwear can he high-heels or anything fashionable that exposes your toes. For your head, you can use a headband or hat.

• Makeup

For the makeup apply heavy eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, mascara, and any other makeup that will give you the proper appeal. And if you haven't already given yourself the bob cut, then do so because that is the most important part. This is where you cut your hair short so that it is aligned with the level of the jaw.

• Accessories

If you choose a headband, make sure it is soft and elastic so that it is comfortable. You could even stick a feather in the headband to make the costume more extravagant. If you choose a hat, try to use a small velour hat that fits the top of your head only. It can have a feather in it too. Another option is to wear a over-sized pearl necklace. Of course the mid-afternoon cocktail is optional.

1930s Fashion

With the world gripped by the Great Depression, people didn't have much money for clothes. So, the fashion of the 1930's was basically the same as the end of the Roaring Twenties, just a bit faded and worn from heavy use. That means cocktail dresses that showed off ankles, nice suits that might be a bit threadbare, and, for some, their old Army uniform. Basically, what was worn in the late 1920's with some wear and age will work in most cases.

1940s Fashion

For this time period you should keep your eyes open for a shirt-dress or a tea dress. These are both plain, everyday dresses that fall to or below the knee. And yes they have been in and out (mostly in) of fashion for all this time.

The 40s was during the war so clothing wasn't overly showy, actually pretty plain. But at the same time really stylish. The dresses of this era usually had short sleeves but long sleeves will work too, and if you want to be fancy buttons running up the front.

If it's going to be cold, upgrade the ensemble by adding a little cardigan. You can also choose to wear a blouse and a skirt or some of those high-wasted trousers if you really want to turn heads. For shoes, pumps are more than ideal and go well with like everything.

1950s Fashion

While the clothes before World War II tended to be more for style than comfort, after the war is when we see modern clothing make the change to comfort over style. The dresses of Marylyn Monroe and is a guides here.

Period films of the time give a good idea of the clothes people wore back then, at least to a degree. Such outfits can make for great costumes, especially to a party. Even though the clothes weren't as interesting as earlier decades, though, they were still pretty sharp, and design changes occurred just like with any decade.

1960s Fashion

The 60s provided some interesting changes for fashion and clothing. The conservative stuffiness of earlier decades slowly faded, replaced by the bright, flashy, warm clothes. Garments with patterned strips and circles was modern and liberating. This style was also popularized by the Hippie movement.

On that note, a Hippie outfit is a pretty good option too, especially for a costume party. For both this decade and the previous one, incidentally, feel free to take some cues from TV shows of the 60s, since the transition out of the stuffiness of earlier decades was seen on many shows.

Dressing based on decades can be tricky, thanks to overlap and the difficulty in finding the right styles. Vintage clothes aren't always cheap. With some digging and perhaps the help of an older relative, though, a fitting outfit for the right decade can be cobbled together without having to shell out for an antique suit.

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