Templar Knight Halloween Cosutme Ideas

Templar Knight Costume Ideas

You've trained for years, vowed to die for your kingdom, and now it's time to put your deadly sword skills to the test. Er, or maybe just impress your friends at your next Halloween get-together. Regardless of your mission, you'll need a templar knight costume that impresses even the most fearsome of foes.

The Outfit

It's time to dig out some old clothes or visit the local thrift shop. You can make the central part of your templar knight costume with two simple layers: a dark long-sleeved hoodie and a white lab coat, trench coat or oversized jacket with the sleeves chopped off. Use a large square of red cloth to cut out the cross, which you'll then glue to the chest area. You can also make your costume look like it came straight from the battlefield by snipping some extra holes into the material, fraying the ends and smudging some dirt on the cloth.

The Accessories

No templar knight is ready for battle without a shield, sword and belt. With a healthy supply of paint and cardboard, your shield and sword can be made in a few minutes, with an old belt to hold your weapon at your side. Finally, a popcorn bucket spray-painted silver can easily pass as your majestic helmet - just don't forget to cut out the eye-slits. With this costume on your side, your next Halloween will undoubtedly be a knight to remember.

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