Women's Fairy Tale Costume Ideas

If you're looking for something magical this Halloween, I've included some of my favorite fairy tale costume ideas to showcase at this year's Halloween party. Here's how to get started:


Have you ever read the Brother's Grimm version of this famous folktale? Now there's a disturbing tale that will get you in the mood for the darkest night of the year. Regardless of which version you choose, here's how to put it all together:

• The Dress

At the center of this costume is of course the dress. To start, you're going to need a beautiful, flowing dress that reflects the attire of a fancy party. As far as dress color white or blue will probably work best.

One cheap way to do this is to simply buy a pre-made Cinderella costume. If this would look too inauthentic for you, you might be able to find some nice formal clothes at a thrift store for a reasonable price, then alter it with sequins, glitter, or other shimmering materials to give it that magical look.

• The Shoes

It's unlikely that you have glass slippers laying around, and, besides, they would probably be uncomfortable. Luckily, there are transparent plastic alternatives that you can usually find online.

• The Hair

You can go with the traditional Disney Cinderella up-do or you can go with something that is more in line with the modern trend of depicting heroines a bit more loosely and organically. As far as hair accessories go, this is also optional, but a nice ribbon or even a tiara could look nice.

Even if the original story behind Cinderella is a little creepy, one can't deny that this character is often an elegant and beautiful choice for women young and old. So be Cinderella this Halloween and make all the heads turn at the ball.

Snow White

The classic Snow White costume can be quite detailed and require someone with a lot of knowledge about sewing in order to replicate it. The good news is that even if you can't sew you'll be able to put together a beautiful Snow White costume with a minimum amount of work.

• Outfit

First, you need a short-sleeved blue shirt. It can be a basic blue scoop neck or V-neck T-shirt, but if you can find a shirt that's a bit more dressy, perhaps one with blue frills detailing the neckline, this will be more befitting of a princess

The next item on your list is a yellow skirt. The length of the skirt doesn't matter; for a more modest Snow White costume, you can go long. If you'd like your Snow White to be flirty, a shorter skirt will do. Accessorize the yellow skirt with any kind of red belt and you're well on your way! Shoes in most colors will work, but bright red shoes will truly make this costume shine.

• Hair

Snow White has jet black hair and snow white skin, so these are the next items on our list. If you don't have naturally black hair, a short, straight wig (preferably in a bob cut) will work. Tie it up with a big, red bow (or put on a headband that's topped with a red bow) to complete your hairstyle.

• Makeup

Next comes the makeup. Mix a tiny bit of white makeup in with your regular foundation to lighten your skin to a proper color that's befitting of Snow White. You can apply as little or as much makeup as you like (depending on your vision of Snow White), but be sure not to forget ruby red lipstick.


If you're a fan of Disney's dark fantasy film, "Maleficent" then you might want to consider the Maleficent costume for Halloween. It's a fun costume for females of all ages. Here's how to put it together:

• The Costume

The main piece of clothing that you will need is a polyester black dress with bell sleeves. If you can make it a black christening gown, that is even better. You will also need black sculpted shoulder pads to make your shoulders look more extravagant.

The neckline area just above the chest of the dress or gown should have a black and white spotted brooch. This can be a detachable ornament that you put on your neckline. The horns might be to hard to make from scratch, however it can be purchased at any online Halloween store.

• Footwear

The footwear should consist of high heeled black leather shoes. For the head, you will need a headband which has two black horns sticking out of it. Either that or you can wear a customized hat which has two horns sticking out. If you don't like a dress that is too wide on the bottom, go with a black skirt instead. Some versions of the costume may mix black and purple together. Try any of those and have fun with it.

• Additional Elements

The main accessory that will complete the costume is the black staff that Maleficent holds in her hand. This staff is about 56 inches long and contains an orb on the top. If you can find a staff which has an illuminating orb, then it will be better.

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