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Kids Chimney Sweep Halloween Costume Ideas

Back in the day, kids didn't complain about how their parents wouldn't buy them their favorite candy or get them the latest and greatest trendy toy for Christmas.

Quite the contrary, they worked in the coal mines or as chimney sweeps, walking to work uphill both ways in the snow. Perhaps kid's these days need a dose of that hardship to whip them back into shape. Or maybe they can just play pretend and be a chimney sweep this Halloween.


A chimney sweep outfit is pretty simple to make. Just get a pair of dark pants, and white or blue shirt, and a pair of suspenders or a dark vest. Finally, get one of those beret-type hats that chimney sweeps tended to stereotypically wear in the 19th century. You can get these all separately or find them together in a pre-made chimney sweep costume.


The first and most important accessory is dirt. Chimney sweeps are hard working children, so they should have soot and ash smothered on their cheeks. Now, don't go overboard here. You still want some of the kid's face visible. Of course, you're also going to have an actual sweeper as well. Without it, your child laborer would be out of a job.

You can find sweeper at party stores sometimes, especially online, or as part of a pre-made chimney sweep costume. Barring that, you might be able to make your own out of a metal pole and some long, black fibers of some kind.

Ready to have your child look like Bert from Mary Poppins? Put him in a chimney sweep costume this Halloween and show him what real hard work was like!

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