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Surfing USA Costume Ideas

Basic Surfer

Surfers are often looked at as odd fellows, because it takes a certain disregard for one's safety to willingly hurl themselves at waves in hopes of harnessing the wild power of water to hurl them on an oversized piece of wood. Still, their feats are impressive when performed correctly, and they can make for a pretty easy costume in warmer climates.

This is costume is really easy, which makes it a great option for those on a budget, in a hurry, or who got roped into a costume party and can't find a way out of attending. A Tee-Shirt, preferably Hawaiian in style will work for a great base, though you can go shirtless or use a swimsuit if desired. You'll need a small model surfboard, too, as properly sized boards are rather large and heavy. Lugging one of those around all night might make for a tall order.

If you want some extra detail, feel free to add some sand like makeup and gel in the hair to give it a wet appearance. If you actually wet your hair, it will dry and might increase the risk of catching a cold. Shorts are a good idea as well, though if you own a surfing suit, it would help in cooler climates.

Hybrid Surfing Bat-Dude

So what to do when you need a scary costume but want to also surf? Well, there are options! It turns out that bat people also enjoy surfing, so making a costume based around one of their favorite hobbies is possible. The costume at its core is the same as a regular surfer, except you add some bat wings and face. That might make it hard to stay on the board in the waves, but bat people are determined.

The wings can be tricky, but bat wings for costumes are not impossible to find, and if you want to you could make them. Finding costume versions will probably be easier, though. As for the bat face, you have a couple options here. You could make use of makeup and some fake ears and nose to recreate a bat face, likely based on a vampire bat. If you prefer, finding a bat mask is easy enough as well.

Most people won't think of a scary surfing related costume, because surfers are not usually thought of as scary. With some creative thinking and a bit of internet magic, though, you can have a few options when it comes to surfing costumes.

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