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Superman Halloween Costume Ideas

Superman  Halloween Costume Ideas

They don't call him the Man of Steel for nothing. There is a reason the legend of Superman has persisted for over a half-century. People find the concept of the indestructible man from planet Krypton to be captivating.

• Clark Kent

One costume gaining popularity is that of the journalist Clark Kent as Superman. To start, you will need dress socks, black dress pants, and a tight black belt. Wear a black, grey, or blue dress coat, but be sure to keep it unbuttoned about halfway down. Underneath, wear a t-shirt with the patented large "S" for Superman.

Next, wear a pair of standard square eyeglasses, perhaps placing tape around the bridge of the glasses for added effect. Finally, you will want to style your hair in a similar fashion shown here, which can be easily done with a little gel and a comb. Feel free to adorn yourself with a fancy watch or other accessories.

• Superman

Next, we'll be focusing on the "actual" Superman. That is, Clark Kent when he rips his suit off and reveals the colorful outfit of the Man of Steel. Most of this costume will have to be bought, but we can still accessorize.

Start with the large red boots, the blue spandex, and tight red jock strap. Adorn yourself with a yellow belt, blue “muscle suit” top, large "S" in the chest area, and red cape. Again, we’ll want to keep the hair the same.

• Lois Lane

Perhaps the most popular romantic interest in all of superhero lore is Lois Lane, Clark Kent’s steamy lover. For this costume, start with a pair of high heels. Next, put on a black dress (about knee-high) and a brown belt.

Tuck in a white button-up dress shirt and wear a pair of thick glasses. Of course, a major component of the Lois Lane outfit is her bright red hair that mesmerizes Clark Kent upon first seeing her.

• Lex Luthor

Luthor is definitely Superman’s most formidable opponent. Again, this costume is rather straight forward, with the defining characteristic being his shiny bald had, which can be achieved with either a bald cap or legitimately shaving your head.

Start with black dress shoes and either black pants or a pair of beige khakis. Wear a light blue button-down shirt and a black suit jacket. Luthor is typically seen with a red tie, but of course you can improvise a bit depending on the look you want.

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