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Sugar Girl (Day of the Dead) Halloween Costume Ideas

Sugar Girl  Halloween Costume Ideas

A Sugar Girl (Day of the Dead) costume is one of the most visually stunning outfits a person can wear at a Halloween party. Here's how to get things started:

• The Outfit

To start you'll need a black skirt, and a white/black blouse. Be sure to pin a red rose somewhere on your shirt as well. For footwear, you'll want black dress shoes (heels, boots, etc.). Remember, sugar girls are frightening but elegant.

• The Makeup

For the makeup, you are going to start with an entirely white face - using face paint, evenly spread a layer of white paint across your face, being sure to extend across your cheeks and up into the forehead.

Additionally, you'll want to find a white lipstick that matches the face paint and apply some to your lips. Once the face paint dries, use black eye shadow to create thick black circles around each eye.

Next, use red face paint to outline the black eyeshadow. If creative enough, you can use the red paint to create a "flower" look around the eye. Utilizing black face paint, draw lines extending from your lips to just before the ear.

Next draw vertical lines on that line, to create a "stitching" effect. For the finishing touch, create a design (usually a flower) on your chin utilizing a colorful face paint. Another rose, a lily, or a sunflower would look outstanding.

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