Men's Stupid (Jackass) Costume Ideas

If you tired of trying to figure out what to be for Halloween, why not try something different? I've included 5 mindless costume ideas for your consideration. Here's how to get started:

Cone Head

For this dumb costume idea, you will need some aluminum foil. Simply shape some foil into a cone-shaped hat. In addition, you can wear some geeky or odd-looking clothing to complete your outfit. To make things more interesting, you can tell party guest that the hat keeps your thoughts safe from the mind police.

Domestic Diva

If you like to hear the roar of laughter from party goers, then this costume idea is perfect. The first part of the costume can be complex since a diva's face is always in need of work. To start you will need to apply mud generously over the face and a cucumber over the eye if possible.

For the torso you have a couple of different options, first you can wear a bathrobe or every-day casual clothing. Another option is to wear nothing but speedos or short-shorts and freak everybody out. Be sure to wear a shower cap and hold a large wooden spoon or fork to complete your silly look.


This costume has a 50-50 chance of being cool if it's done right. The costume is simple to make, first shave off all your hair on one side of your scalp. If you have a beard, then half the beard must go as well. For a more visual effect add some grime on your shaven face. Finally, stain and rip one side of your shirt to complete the outfit.

Rose Bud

Hay buds, if you enjoy public humiliation this costume is perfect. For this foolish idea to work you must have a beard. First purchase plastic roses from a novelty store and place them all over your beard. The tricky part is to make them stick, however.

Bag Man

Finally, I saved the stupidest costume for last. The old slapstick "bag" over the head routine. First, you will need to purchase a paper bag from your local supermarket. Next put the bag over your head and you're done. You may want to poke a few openings near the top if you want to see, however. So, there you go, I've included some brainless costume ideas for your consideration; you can use these ideas, or just laugh it off.

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