Sexy Guy Halloween Costume Ideas

You've racked your brains for the last few days and still have no clue on what to be for Halloween. But it's not all gloom and doom, especially if your a good-looking guy. Below are some of my best DIY sexy guy costume ideas.

James Bond

Have you always wished that you could be Bond, James Bond? Since you can be anyone for Halloween, why not live your dream and dress up in a James Bond Halloween costume this year?

• The Tuxedo

Obviously, the first thing you're going to need is a suit, preferable a tuxedo-style one. This is the most recognizable part of the Bond outfit, so it's rather important, even if it might seem a bit expensive.

One way you can get around the expense is to get a fake tuxedo from a party store. In fact, you can often find them as part of a pre-made James Bond costume. Another thing you can do is buy a tuxedo-style set of silk pajamas. They sell them with bow ties and everything. Just make sure that the suit and tie are black, and that you wear a clean white shirt underneath.

• The Gun

The Gun James Bond has a fancy hand gun with a silencer at the end of it, if you're going for the classic look. You can find fake guns at party stores. Look for one that has a long, skinny barrel.

• The Girl

A James Bond costume will always be more convincing if you're accompanied by one of the Bond girls. If you have a girlfriend or a friend who is willing to play along, then find a Bond girl that fits her personality and look the most, and show up to your Halloween party arm-in-arm. Do you like your Halloween punch shaken or stirred? If you're going to be James Bond this year, then there's only one good answer to that question!

Twilight Vampire

At some point in recent human history, Vampires stopped being scary and they instead became sexy. Be a seductive, handsome G.Q. vampire with a dangerous edge this Halloween and hear the ladies swoon when you walk by. Here are some of the things that you're going to need:

• Face

If your face does not evoke the majestic proportions of Edward's jawline (from Twilight), then it's time to apply some make up and make yourself look immortal and youthfully perfect. Cover up your zits as best you can. Alternatively, you could also wear a mask.

• Abs

Have you been doing sit ups until you're blue in the face so that you can have visible abs? The dedication is admirable, but that doesn't work. The only way to have a six-pack like a handsome and mysterious vampire is to have a low body fat percentage. Who has time for that, though? Instead of exercise, draw the abs on with body paint!

What makes a sexy vampire isn't what he has, but rather what he lacks. Like shame, for example. When he walks around shirtless (which is frequently), a vampire is sure to pause in front of a victim of his choice both to flex his muscles and to determine her blood type.

• No Abs

Alternatively, if the party you're attending is being thrown by squares and you need to wear clothes, then the only color that you can wear is black. Make sure that the loose shirt with the flowy sleeves that you wear has a low neckline so that people can admire your chest hair.

Go to a thrift store and find something that you think a young, sexy vampire would wear to the high school that he inexplicably attends even though he's hundreds of years old.

• Final Thoughts

Finally, the implement of death. No vampire is complete without a pair of teeth to sink into his victim's flesh to bleed her dry. You can find fake teeth at just about any party store. If you don't mind staining your flawless face with some of your victim's blood, then by all means add to the authenticity.

US Military

In the last few years there's been an increased interest in US Military costumes - as people want to show their respect and support our US troops at home and abroad. In addition, there is no doubt that the military costumes looks attractive.

• Army Costumes

An army is an organized military force equipped and trained for fighting on land. These are the guys and girls that are not afraid to hold a position in a trench or to assault enemies on the ground. The best part about these costumes is that they are simple to create.

Army costumes come in different designs and styles. Their appearance depends on the type of personnel that wears the uniform special forces, officers, general, army doctors etc. You will basically need two things, camouflage costume and military hat.

If you want to get creative add some patches that will tell the world about your military rank. It would be perfect if you can find a pair of the well-known military boots. If you decide to be a member of the special forces, you can use accessories like toy goggles or use face paint for better camouflage.

• Navy Costumes

Just like army costumes, navy costumes are simple, yet attractive. On the other hand, unlike army costumes, these costumes are typically white or blue and the design is characterized by the presence of collars and stripes. Hats, special pants or skirts and shirts are necessary for the proper navy look.

It is good to mention that the design might be different depending on the rank and role of the individual that is part of the US navy. In most cases, people choose a costume that represents the standard navy personnel while those who are bolder choose admiral navy costumes.

• Air Force Costumes

The US Air Force today is more important than ever. Of course, pilots and Air Force personnel has always been praised for their role and their bravery, so wearing a costume like this will obviously grab the attention of people around you.

The simplest way to make a costume like this is to buy a green (military green) jumpsuit, a pair of simple, black boots and add some patches to make sure that everyone understands that you are part of the US air force. In addition, you can wear a leather jacket and sunglasses.

Art Student

The Sexy art student takes their work seriously and is entirely committed to creating the best work possible. For this costume, wear beige, tight-fitting khaki pants, a white t-shirt, and a beret of your color choice. It is okay to spill a little paint on your outfit, but again, this student is more focused on the painting.

This student always seems to have a paintbrush in hand and is hard at work creating the next masterpiece. You can get creative in the ways you wish to express the "sexy" side of the art student, but this general guideline is a great start. If you and your friends show up to the next Halloween gathering as members of an art studio, you'll certainly be the talk of the weekend.

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