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Steampunk Halloween Costume Ideas

As Halloween approaches, you start to rack your mind looking for the perfect Halloween costume. The basic vision is to find for something original. If your looking for something different this season, you may consider wearing a steampunk Halloween costume.

What is Steampunk?

Unfamiliar with steampunk? Don't worry about it. Steampunk costumes are designed to represent a previous age where everything was steam-powered. Steampunk pays tribute to the Victorian era - it glorifies the fashion of upper class aristocrats and trickles down to slums, where even the local prostitute sports the best of steampunk.

Steampunk is a type of fashion between punk, goth, burlesque and Julies Vern. It includes the lace and leather of pirates, to the capes and robs of blood sucking vampires. While there are so many creative aspects to consider when designing a costume, it is very common for steampunk costumes to include Victorian type clothing and googles.

A steampunk Halloween costume for woman may include a short punk haircut, ostentatious jewelry, fingerless gloves and googles. Were spike heals to complete the outfit. For men, simpley roll up your sleeves, if motivated roll up your pants to boot. Be sure to were shoes with loud socks, or go sockless if the mood strikes you. Of course, don't forget the googles - it's a necessity component of steampunk fashion.

Family Costumes

While we all love doing our own thing and dressing up as we please, everyone loves seeing a fantastically designed set of family costumes. Steampunk Fantastic 4? Steampunk The Incredibles? Steampunk Harry Potter? There are endless possibilities when it comes to a steampunk family costume. Let your kids choose the theme that they'd like to go with, and let your creativity flow and show in your designs.

Steampunk Superheroes

You read right, steampunk superheroes! Looking into designing a superhero costume is a fantastic idea for not only your own costume, but maybe even a couple's costume. Batman and Robin, Spiderman, Captain America. There are an endless number of superheroes for both men and women, and they all have the ability to be made into a fantastic steampunk costume!

Star Wars

Are you a Star Wars fan as much as a steampunk fan? Then this is the perfect idea for you. There are plenty of characters to choose from in Star Wars. Luke, Leia, or if you're looking for a challenging costume to create, why not try designing a CP-30 steampunk costume? Nothing says original like a steampunk droid.


There's no doubting that many people love SpongeBob SquarePants, so why not take the next step and transform some of the SpongeBob characters into your Steampunk costumes. The key thing to remember when you are trying to come up with your steampunk costume idea, is that you can transform almost anything into a steampunk costume.

If you take a little time to discuss some ideas with your friends and family and focus in on your favourite, then the next step is to look around and find some old clothing and even a few pieces of junk (one man's junk is another man's treasure!), and you will be able to design the perfect steampunk costume and blow all other costumers out of the water.

Tip! When looking to create your own steampunk costume, it's a great idea to look at into thrift / charity stores and look at some of the older clothes that they have had donated to them. A lot of the clothes that they have to offer are perfect!

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