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Suicide Squad Joker Halloween Costume Ideas

For a lot of people, the only reason they watched Suicide Squad was for the Joker. This is understandable, as he's been a fan favorite time and time again in much of DC's comics, movies, and other content.

There's just something appealing about this maniacal clown, so why not embody the Joker for Halloween? Even better, why not embody one of the most recent Jokers, the one from Suicide Squad? Here's how to get started:

The Clothes

For this costume, buying a pre-made Joker outfit might be the most efficient choice. The Joker wears several different outfits in this movie, but the most striking ones would be a bit difficult to come by. You probably don't have a purple-tinted alligator-skin trench coat lying around.

You can also opt for one of his more scantily-clad moments by walking around shirtless with some black pants, for instance, but this would also mean that you'd have to wear a lot of fake tattoos. Get that sharpie ready!

The Hair & Makeup

Easily enough, Suicide Squad Joker has green hair like most Joker versions. Get some temporary hair dye and make your head neon green for the night.

Keeping with the trend of grittier, more realistic villains, this Joker doesn't have that much makeup actually. Just make your face pale, the space around your eyes dark, and your lips red. Some silver grills on your teeth will complete the look. If you're craving a trendy costume that still reflects your maniacal side, be the Suicide Squad Joker this Halloween! Maybe your girlfriend can be Harley Quinn!

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