Scary Sports Fan Halloween Cosutme Ideas

Scary Sports Fan Halloween Costume Ideas

People love Halloween for many reasons - one reason, to were a cool Halloween costume. However, if you want to look scary, interesting and unique at the same time, I suggest a sports athlete costume below:

• Baseball

Baseball is a popular sports in the United States. However, many people find regular baseball outfit a little bit dull and I agree. The baseball Halloween costume I suggest is a little bit different.

First of all, you should find a baseball jersey from your favorite team, but instead of choosing one that fits you well, select one a few sizes larger. The reason is simple, you must look a little bit weird! In addition to the baseball jersey, bat and hat, I suggest wearing a skeleton face and bony hands too. You can easily design this costume. All you need is makeup and black sleeves with images of bones on them.

• Soccer

Both boys and men can try a soccer Halloween costume too. The regular soccer outfit consists of a short and top. You can find these pieces of clothing in every sports store.

Due to the fact that soccer is all about playing well with your legs, you should focus on this body part. Buy Halloween paint and fake scars (there are many stickers like this) and apply the scars on your legs - It would be real gross if blood and puss is oozing out. In addition, you can use makeup on your face. For instance, you can use white powder to create very pale face that will make you look like a zombie or even a vampire.

• Basketball

Do you remember the move Teen Wolf? Although this is a little bit old movie we all remember the teen werewolf basketball player. So, this idea is based on the character from this movie. You will need a jersey and shorts. Use the name WOLF on the back of the jersey. Obviously, you must create a "standard" werewolf furry face. Use some makeup and add some hair extensions if possible.

• Football

I will get straight to the point here, try a Football corpse costume. You will need a jersey and a football helmet. It would be nice to find a ball too. What is important about this costume is to make the face look badly decomposed (which shouldn't be a problem with an adequate makeup).

You should also use fake scars (there are many stickers like this) and fake blood on your hands. By adding some black makeup around the eyes, you will make your eyes look scarier.

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