Spiderman Halloween Costume Ideas

Kids Spider-Man Halloween Costume Ideas

Does your kid love the famous Marvel web-slinger? Does he pretend that he's fighting Dr. Octopus and Venom every night? Why not dress him up as Spider-Man for Halloween this year? Here are some ideas:


The first thing Spider-Man will need is his fancy spider suit. This is easy enough to come by as a pre-made outfit, and there's little reason to make one yourself, unless you happen to like sewing stretchy fabric.

The most authentic-looking approach would probably be to find a nice zentai-style bodysuit that has all the classic Spider-Man markings on it. You can also buy costumes that aren't whole body suits, and it can make getting in and out of the outfit easier. These basically consist of a shirt, some pants, some gloves, and a simple Spider-Man mask.


Spider-Man didn't really wear shoes, but the bottom of your kid's spider suit is sure to get worn out if he doesn't wear some. Try a pair of shoes that won't draw attention to themselves or make the outfit look less authentic. A pair of simple red canvas shoes could work great.


Spider-Man shoots webbing out of his wrists, and adding this element can be messy, so consider it optional. Unless your kid has been bitten by a radioactive spider, you're going to need to get some extra gear to achieve this. They actually sell Spider-Man web shooters that expel what is basically silly string and you can find them online.

Depending on your kid's personality, though, this may not be the best idea. Having a kid who can crawl along the walls can come in handy when you need to dust the ceiling fans. It can also make for a really impressive Halloween costume. Dress your kid as Spider-Man this year and make all of his heroic, eight-legged dreams come true!

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