Snake Halloween Cosutme Ideas

Snake Halloween Costume Ideas

Are you a sneaky snake in the grass? Few people admit it when they are, but if you're proud of your slithery ways, then why not dress up as a snake this Halloween? Here's how to start:

• Paint

You can build your whole snake persona with face and body paint. Try drawing creepy scales on yourself that make your reptilian leanings obvious. Throw in a pair of snake-eyed contact lens and some fangs, and you have the makings of a creepy snake costume. Optionally, you can hide your hair under a bald cap and cover it with scales to give yourself a more inhuman look.

• Mask and Bodysuit

Alternatively, if you don't believe in drawing all over yourself, you can try a snake mask and a bodysuit. You can find a snake-themed mask at a Halloween store and, combined with a zentai suit that has scales on it, you can give off a pretty scary impression. All you'll be missing is that forked tongue. For accessories, you could try carrying around a dead rat. This would be dinner.

• Snake Themed Outfit

You can also try a costume that's a bit less literal, or that just incorporates snakes, but doesn't turn you into one. For example, you might just paint a few scales on your face, but wear a snake wig to look like Medusa. Maybe you could also wear an outfit made out of snakes.

You could also try dressing like your least favorite politician and when people ask you who you are, you can tell them with a straight face that you're dressed as a snake. Just an idea. Ready to make your friends uneasy as you slither closer and closer, and taste the air around them? Wear a snake costume this year and creep everybody out!

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