Skeleton Halloween Cosutme Ideas

Skelton Halloween Costume Ideas

It seems like the skeleton costume has become a traditional costumes worn at Halloween parties. Of course, this doesn't mean that the skeleton costume is getting boring. There are many ways in which you can make a costume look fresh and horrific. Here's how to put this boney cosutme together:

Basic Kids Skeleton

Kid's Skeleton Halloween Costume Ideas

To create a basic skeleton find a completely black sweat suit and a pair of white gloves. Purchase a white contact paper and create bone shapes on it before you cut them. After that, simply peel the white paper and stick it on the suit.

When it comes to the head, there are two solutions. The first one requires the use of white and black Halloween paint. You will have to paint your entire face white and add some dark color around your eyes. You must use a combination of black and white for your mouth (you will have to emphasize the jaw). The second option is to wear a skeleton mask - You can buy one at any Halloween store, or create one yourself. In addition, you should wear completely black shoes.

Complex Skeleton

If you want to look like a fully-decomposed adult corpse, grab a skeleton mask and wear grungy jacket with a hoodie. However, If you want to add an extra touch of grossness, expose your rib cage that way people have something to look at when you rip your shirt open.

It can also feature fully 3D plastic bones that line your body, from your toe bones to your skull. Some of these suits also glow in the dark, which makes them extra creepy when you're prowling around at night. A full-body skeleton can be found at party stores or online, and should cover you from head to toe. The outfit may be little more than a zentai suit that has skeletal features painted on.

Movie Or Performing Arts Skeleton

Skeletons have always inspired movie makers and they are featured in many TV shows and movies. One movie that is particularly popular is Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. This skeleton wears a suit with strips and has a very interesting black bow tie that looks like a bat.

When it comes to the face, people must use white color to paint their entire face except the area around the eyes where they need to use black color. What is different about this skeleton is that the mouth looks like it was sewed. Use black color to highlight the stitches.

Another approach is to look like a skeleton Halloween performer, complete with a long black cane and a black top hat/cylinder hat. You can either where a skeleton maks or face paint. Complete your creepy look with a black striped shirt or blouse.

Finally, some people make combinations of Grim Reaper and Skeleton costumes. They dress like the Grim Reaper and use its accessories. In addition, use a skull mask and highlight only the chest bones.

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