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Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is spooky season for a reason. Some people enjoy the dark and macabre aspect of the holiday, watching horror films and enjoying haunted houses. For such people, the chance to wear a costume is an opportunity to enjoy such darkness.

• Kid's Costumes

Witch costumes are a classic, and they can be cheery and fun like Kiki, or dark and brooding like the Three Sisters. Making the costume is pretty easy, too. For a kid, dark clothes, like a black skirt, a witch's hat, and maybe some black or purple socks are a great start. Painted nails and makeup with warts or the like can add a nice touch, as can a prop raven on the shoulder, or a cat.

The undead make for some fun dark costumes as well. Vampires are an easy costume, and you can add a dark theme with the right colors and style. The same is true for other such creatures, such as the creature from the black lagoon. Classic monsters can be a bit creepy and finding a premade kid costume isn't too hard.

• Teen Costumes

For teens, parties are the main attraction. They may also be sitting for some younger siblings, though. In either case, the extra years offers a chance for some more involved and darker costumes.

Like with kids, vampires, ghouls, and other undead are all options, but with some extra blood and gore for details. While that might freak out younger kids, the teens are more likely to enjoy such gruesome antics. The makeup for those sorts of add-ons is easy to find, as is the costume parts themselves.

For a more tongue in cheek costume, slasher film victim is an easy option. Just wear some secondhand regular clothes, cut or tear them, add a lot of fake blood, and the costume is done.

• Adult Costumes

If you're an adult Halloween is a chance to get in touch with your dark side. For example, if you enjoy certain horror films, you can dress up as your favorite movie serial killer such as Jason. If you like ugly monsters, Freddy Krueger, Pin Head and Frankenstein make for some good options too. As long as the costume fits the situation, enjoying a darker aspect of the holiday is easy enough.

One fun costume to consider is the skeleton. While it might sound hard to pull off, backlight skeleton bodysuits do exist. In the dark, you'll be dressed in black, while the bones will be reflective. Not only do you get to join the skeleton army, you're also easy to spot by traffic!

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