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Little Shop of Horrors Halloween Cosutme Ideas

Little Shop of Horrors Halloween Costume Ideas

Most beloved sci-fi films of all time is the 1986 classic Little Shop of Horrors. What better way to commemorate this musical than to put your best foot forward in a Halloween costume inspired by characters of the film?

• Seymour (Rick Moranis)

Seymour is the oddball florist played by Rick Moranis. This costume is generally easy to make by yourself, as you really only need some clothes that you may already have in your closet.

To start, you'll need a pair of large glasses to recreate that classic "nerdy" look of Moranis. You'll also need a button-down shirt, tucked into beige khaki pants with a brown belt. The color of the button down should mainly be white/grey, although he is seen wearing a number of shirts throughout the film (such as red).

Finally, you'll need a pair of brown or black shoes to complete the business casual look embodied by Seymour. Of course, no Seymour costume is complete without the iconic Audrey 2 prop. For this one, you'll need a medium sized flowerpot with some soil (don't be afraid to use black construction paper to mimic soil for the sake of not making a mess.)

Next include some green leaves (again, you can either use real stems and leaves, or construction paper cut into leaf shapes). For the large "head" of the plant, people have gotten creative in a number of ways, including using the top half of a hollowed-out watermelon and chiclet gum for the terrifying teeth.

• Audrey (Ellen Greene)

Up next is Seymour's eclectic coworker, Audrey. For this costume, you'll need her trademark blonde, shoulder length wig. To recreate her makeup, utilize some light blue or turquoise eyeshadow, black mascara, and red lipstick.

You'll need a lowcut black dress with heels or sneakers. She is also seen wearing a white coat over the black dress when outside. If you can pull this costume off, you'll be sure to impress the partygoers at your next Halloween costume.

• Audrey 2 (The Plant)

Who's to say you can't dress up as the plant itself? To start, put on black pants/leggings and black boots. Next, find a solid laundry basket, cut out the bottom, and spray-paint it light brown (to mimic the flower pot that Audrey 2 is housed in). Wear a dull green shirt (don't be afraid to tape or glue some vines and leaves onto the shirt.)

Finally, and perhaps the hardest part, is recreating the large, bulbous head and teeth. Many people have crafted the head out of Paper-Mache that has been solidified by lacquer, then cut opened for the face. You'd then utilize construction paper for the teeth.

The plant structure is indeed complicated, so don't get too hung up on how to create it. If you can nail down the general idea of the costume, you'll be welcomed at any party.

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