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Ship of Terror Halloween Costume Ideas

Ship of Horror Halloween Costume Ideas

Every year, thousands of ghost ships float aimlessly across the Bermuda Triangle - aboard some of these vessels live horrific ghoul-like creatures that must feast on human flesh to survive...

If your looking to create an undead-cannibalistic Halloween costume then look no further then the Bermuda Tringale. Here's how to put such a ghoulish costume together:

Sea Captain

The captains costume has a few options - first, for a tritonal captains uniform your going to need a white shirt, it should have four bar epilates on the shoulders to signify your a captain. The hat should have a white tip, black hood with an anchor and ropes emblem. Complete the outfit with white pants and shoes.

If you want to go for an old salty captain look, were a blue and white stripe shirt and knit cap. Complete with a dark colored dobble bested jacket (or a yellow raincoat) and dark colored pants. If you want to look more salty, stop shaving a few weeks before Halloween. However, it that's too much, you can buy some fake hair and attach it to your chin

After acquiring the perfect captain outfit your going to need to tear it up. The undead normally have tattered clothes from sailing the seas for decades. Pick something from your closet that you're not particularly fond of, or go to at thrift store and grab something cheap. Alternatively, you can also buy some tattered threads that are pre-made from a party store.

Because you've been on the water for years (without a washing machine), your outfit should look old and dirty, you can dye your clothes in black tea. Put the clothing into hot water, add tea in big bucket and then set for about 2 hours. Take your materials out, dry them and you will be ready to navigate the sea.

Also be sure to drizzle some fake blood across your outfit to make it seem like you've killed some sea monsters or ship goers. (even green slime would be a neat effect.) to create the idea that you have been feasting on human flesh for many years.

Terrifying Sailor

Terrifying Seamen Halloween Costume Ideas

Of course, every ship of terror has its fair share of terrifying sailors. For this costume, you'll need an all-white pair of pants, an all-white sweater, black dress shoes, a white sailors hat (which can be bought at a local store) and a black tie. Another option would to be blue and white strip shirt with white pants and black shoes. For the hat it should have a anchor emblem only.

When it comes to the face be sure to utilize some fake blood around the face to give off a "cabalistic" look. Also include white contact lenses and fake scary-looking teeth. Remember, the ghouls on this ship have been drifting for many decades. Don't be afraid to look like you've been at sea for quite some time.

A Victim

Finally, someone must dress up as the unfortunate victim. When the ghost ship floats near an unsuspecting vessel, the unknowing victims come aboard, they are eaten alive by the ghouls.

This costume can be characterized by a bathing suit (given the idea that it may be a cruise ship), a sun hat, and sunglasses. Remember, these people were definitely not expecting to get attacked by ghouls on their cruise. Be sure to decorate this costume with a lot of blood, injuries, and flesh with red syrup and drawn-on wounds.

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