Sexy Women's Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is a sexy and naughty time of year when some of our more base instincts are celebrated. If you doubt this, just take a look at all the sexy costumes that people love to put on - it's practically a Halloween tradition, especially among the ladies.

Cleopatra Costume

Queen of The Nile - By Joyce Dewitt

A Cleopatra costume is an excellent choice for Halloween. You can begin with a basic dress and glam it up with some jewelry. Before you know it, you will be transformed into a gorgeous queen of the Nile.

• Getting Started

Look for a sleeveless, ankle-length dress and it should be in gold or white in color (a nightgown can work perfectly). Make your belt using a sash, and then spare the fabric that remains. Tie it around your waist, and then knot it in the front while allowing one end to hang.

Pull out a rectangular aluminum foil measuring five inches wide and twelve inches long. Use it to make a tight tube by rolling it lengthwise. Wrap, this tube around your arm's upper part, to create a bracelet.

Make sure you maintain its shape when taking it off. Cut out sixteen aluminum foil pieces measuring one inch wide by three inches long. Cut another two-inch wide strip that can circle your head. Paint all your aluminum foil pieces with gold spray paint and allow it to dry.

• Hair

Purchase a black wig which is straight and ensure it fit your shoulder length. Braid various sections framing the face, preferably four for each side. Wrap them using aluminum foil on the ends. Wrap other pieces about halfway up the braids. Wrap a long piece of the foil around your crown.

• Makeup

Apply heavy makeup. Ensure you pay close attention to your eye makeup, and don't forget to include your black liquid eyeliner around your eyes. You should extend it to about a half an inch towards the outside of your eyes. This should resemble the cats' eyes. You should complete your costume with strap gold heels or sandals.


You can buy costume jewelry relatively cheap online, however if your the creative type you can created your own jewelry by using poster board. For example, cut a poster board into a large circle that has a hollow center including an opening at the back to be used for the necklace. Use the gold paint to spray it and allow it to dry. Use poster paints and your smallest paintbrush to paint some squares that will represent gemstones on your necklace.

Little Red Riding Hood Costume

Sexy Red - By Brenda Woods

One of the most iconic fairy tale characters in literature is, Little Red Riding Hood. She is a young girl who walks through the woods caring flowers for her granny. It is no wonder that girls and even adults want to dress up as her for Halloween parties.

The perfect adult 'Red Riding Hood' costume is a patterned red sleeveless poncho. It comes with a white top and black slip petticoat with red laces resembling a cosset, and a checked apron. Be sure to include black pumps or low heels and a basket covered in a checked red cloth. If your looking for real sex appeal consider wearing a black leather dress.

Another idea is a large red skirt with a slit from the thigh downwards, black boots, a brown petticoat with laces, a white top with long sleeves and a red poncho hood. These do not have to be plain but can be patterned as desired.

If your on a budget, try to use cloths in your closet. For example, if you have mini-skirts or short dresses at home, then wear those. Those do not have to be white or of the same color. Just keep the under-dress bland so the focus goes on the 'red' cloak. If you have a denim skirt and a white shirt, you can wear that as well. Wear what makes you look appropriate for the role you are playing.

Cowgirl Costume

South West - By Jane Perry

Now this is a simple, yet attractive Halloween costume for women. The wild west has always served as an inspiration for Halloween costumes, but this time we are talking about sexy costumes. Grab a pair of really short jeans mini skirt or shorts and a knotted shirt with squares. It would be best to wear boots and a cowboy hat. This is a very comfortable costume, but make sure to get extra clothing if the weather is cold.

Bunny Rabbit Costume

Bunny Tail - Jessica Rabbet

Thanks to Playboy, the bunny girl costume is probably one of the most well known sexy costumes on the planet. The costume is not only fun for Halloween, but Easter as well.

Bunny girls are cute, for sure, but as a bunny RABBIT, you are sex incarnate. Seriously, rabbits breed like, well rabbits. Donning such a costume visualizes the literal sexual prowess of the horniest animal on the planet, so you best be ready to make it work.

With these costumes, you can certainly find one online, and, if you can keep breathing, may even want to go a size or two smaller than you should to fit inside. Just how sexy you want to be is ultimately up to you. When it comes to a sexy rabbit, black is often considered the preferred color, but there's no reason you can't combine cute and sexy with white or pink as well. To truly walk the walk of a sexy bunny, confidence in your body is just as important as the costume itself.

As mentioned, this costume embodies the basest desires of people, so why not have some fun with it? You are the fuzzy interlopers of Australia, the creature who is so feared only the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch can quell your lust. To be a bunny girl is to be an embodiment of sex itself.

Thus, it's important to remember, either at Easter or Halloween, to remember your audience. While quite a few folks will greatly appreciate a sexy, adorable bunny girl, not everyone will. knowing the field before you strut your stuff is always a good idea, especially if you went through the effort of a finding a good pair of bunny ears.

Sexy Witch Costume

Comely Witch - By Sara Smith

Most people think of witches as ugly, but that's kind of an outdated perception these days. Witches come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and degrees of sexiness, so why not show your appreciation for the more attractive end of the witch spectrum and be a sexy witch for Halloween? Here is how to put together the costume:

The first thing that you'll notice about a sexy witch is that her outfit tends to be rather impracticable. The best thing to do is wear a tight leather leotard or something that shows a similar degree of skin. Add some thigh-high black fishnet stockings - bonus points if the design of the stockings looks like spider webs - and you're well on your way to being someone's witch fantasy.

So far, your outfit establishes your sexiness, but not your witch-ness, so you will need the stereotypical pointy black hat. You can get these easily at a Halloween or party store. In fact, you might even be able to find the whole costume there, since there are often many sexy options.

Next, find yourself an old broom. You want something made of wood, like the kind that people used to sweep their houses many generations ago. If you can't find one, then maybe you can be a modern witch and fly around on a vacuum cleaner.

Space Astronaut Costume

A Space Odesy - By Rosie Bot

Do you want to be a sexy futuristic android astronaut from another planet? Who doesn't? Be an otherworldly space woman this Halloween and let everyone know that you come in peace. Here is how to put together a costume like this:

The first thing you're going to need is body paint, since it's not "outer spacey enough" if you just have one of the common human skin tones. Since everything in futuristic alien civilizations is made of chrome, find silver-colored body paint and cover all of the body parts that will show outside of your clothes.

Ideally, you would have a lack of hair, but sometimes this isn't feasible if you don't want to shave your head. If you can get a skull cap that you can paint over to make yourself look hairless, then that's good. You can also find a metallic or neon-colored wig. Nothing enhances a costume more than creepy contact lenses. Find gray ones if you want them to blend in creepily with your skin, or find colors that stand out, like red or even purple. Just make sure you get them from a reputable optometrist. Don't buy knock-off lenses, or this could hurt your eyes.

You're going to want some futuristic alien clothes. If you've ever watched science fiction from the 1950's, then you know that such space people only wear metallic-colored clothes that looks like aluminum foil. If you're crafty, go to the fabric store and try to find some metallic-looking fabric to build a pair of tight pants and a shirt. Otherwise, you could try looking through thrift stores for some clothes from the 80's; in that era, many popular outfits looked very alien and disturbingly inhuman.

Find some metallic high heels. You could also get some regular-colored high heels and spray paint them silver. Are you ready to shoot puny humans with your laser beams this Halloween? Join the galactic alliance with a space woman Halloween costume.

Harley Quinn Cosutme

Daddy's Lil Monster -By Jenifer Holt

Following her debut in the film Suicide Squad the DC character Harley Quinn has gained popularity. This popular character is everybody's favorite these days. The blue and pink haired girl is every Halloween lover's dream come true. Stand out in the crowd and turn thousands of heads with your unique version of Harley Quinn.

In the movie Harley Quinn is a prisoner before she joins the squad. You can wear an orange jumpsuit to justify that look. You don't even need to change the color of the hair with this look. Since it's a simple yet impactful attire, everybody can pull it off pretty good. You need to turn your hair blonde to go with this look.

If you're going with the post suicide squad look, you need to have tattoos on multiple areas around your body. Tattoos are among the most important parts of Harley Quinn's personality therefore it is important to have tattoos from head to toe.

Other than making hearts on your face, you can always buy some official suicide squad Harley Quinn temporary tattoos. You can place the tattoos on hands, face, abdomen area and arms. You can even place a few tattoos on the thighs if you want. If you're going with the short shorts look, then you definitely need to use pink and blue hair spray on your character's hair. Harley Quinn's obnoxious dressing and killer attitude is what makes her stand out in the crowd. You need to have all that in order to get that perfect Harley Quinn look.

The other most important part about this Halloween attire is a baseball bat. It is very important to carry a baseball bat if you're going with the post suicide squad. If you look closely at Harley Quinn, you will see writing on her t-shirt.

What you can do is get a plain t-shirt and write something on it with a golden or silver marker. You can also use paints for this job but using a pen or a marker is a much safer option to go with. Once you're dressed up as Harley Quinn you need to maintain a killer attitude. Chewing a bubble gum and having a crazy fun attitude is a must!

French Maid Cosutme

Oh La La - By Josette McDonald

For a lot of people, Halloween is about more than candy, it's about making an impression and maybe even winning a few admirers. A sexy French maid costume is a classic that is sure to turn heads and get your friends whistling.

• A Uniform

Obviously, the most important thing you will need is the uniform itself. You can shop for a pre-made one at a part store, or you can make one yourself by finding a (very) short little black dress with a few frills on the end. Add a white lacy apron and you're ready to do some deep cleaning.

• Apparel

You can conceivably go without these, but they really add to the sex appeal. Try some black stockings with garters or fishnets if you're feeling adventurous. If you feel that your haircut is not "maid-like" enough, then you might consider getting a wig online or at a party store. Top it all off with a little maid hat. You can also forgo the hat if you would prefer.

• Tools of The Trade

Depending on what kind of things you prefer to clean, you might have a different array of tools, but at the very least you'll need a feather duster! Go hunting for a classic feather duster, as these are the ones that work best with a French maid costume. Ready to try someone traditional and yet sexy at the same time next time you're invited to a Halloween party? Try the sexy French maid and impress your friends with a bit of skin.

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