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Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas

Who says that Halloween costumes must be scary? The whole point of using costumes is to have fun and transform into something or someone that you are not during the entire year. This is the reason why so many people choose sexy Halloween costumes.

Both men and women show interest in costumes that will make them look more attractive and sexy. They might find these outfits a little bit bold and inappropriate for everyday life, however, (almost) everything is allowed on Halloween. below is a short list sexy Halloween costume ideas for men and women.

Belly Dancer

Belly dancers are considered to be very attractive and exotic. Belly dancing relies on the movement of all body parts and it is no wonder why men love it. The belly dancer consists of bra, hip belt, skirt/pants and large scarf. If you want to get the best effects wear clothes that come in red color, in order to catch the eye.

Construction Worker

Male Halloween costumes can be sexy too. In order to get the desired sexy look you can always choose to dress yourself as a construction worker. Wear a pair of jeans, plain white shirt a helmet and a protective vest. Make sure that they are tight. You can also get rid of the shirt and just wear the vest on your torso.

French Maid

Men have always fantasized about sexy maids and even though science can't answer why - you should not miss this opportunity to wear a French Maid costume this Halloween. The good thing about these costumes is that you don't have to be vulgar in order to get a sexy effect.

What you need is a black top without sleeves and a short skirt. The black color should dominate the outfit, although you should have parts that are white. Don't forget to put your high heels on and a small sexy hat on your hair. Some women hold feather dusters in their hand to make things more realistic.

Cowboy Or Cowgirl

Now this is another simple, yet attractive Halloween costume for Men and women. The wild west has always served as an inspiration for Halloween costumes, but this time we are talking about sexy costumes.

For woman, grab a pair of really short jeans mini skirt or shorts and a knotted shirt with squares. For men blue jeans or chaps will work fine, include a white, or checked shirt with a light brown button vest. Both men and can wear boots and a cowboy hat to complete the look. This is a very comfortable costume, but make sure to get extra clothing if the weather is cold.

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