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Senior Citizen Costume Ideas

Senior Halloween Costume Ideas

Dressing up in costumes is not an activity that can be used exclusively by children and young adults. There are situations when seniors can enjoy dressing up in unique costumes too. Here's some ideas for the young at heart:

• Supper Man

If your a man over 65 years-old, lets face it, you are superman. Nothing is more more sexy then wearing a flashy red cape complemented by a red mask. Put a big gold "S" on the back and your ready to fly. Of course there's not much too this costume, however its a lot of fun and best of all it can be worn with a formal suit.

• Charlie Chaplin

Now here's a costume that will bring good memories to many senior citizens. Even though Charlie Chaplin was a famous comedian many years ago, he is still respected for his role in the movie industry. In order to create a good Charlie Chaplin costume you will need a black suit, white shirt, dark tie, black round hat and fake mustaches. Of course, don't forget the cane!

• Robin Hood

Robin Hood has been portrayed in movies in a variety of different ways. The typical Robin Hood costume will consist of a long sleeve solid green shirt, brown vest, black waist belt with a pouch attached, high-heel leather boots, brown or black pants, and brown gauntlet gloves.

The head can be left alone, or you can put a hat or hoodie over it. You could use a green felt hat with a feather on the side (like in the Errol Flynn movie). Either that or use a green shirt with a hoodie in the back and put it over your head. Finally, strap a quiver filled with arrows to your back and carry around a bow.

• Super Mario

Super Mario If you want to look cool in the eyes of your nephews and nieces, you can turn yourself into the world's most famous plumber, Super Mario. Blue overalls, red shirt and red hat are the two most important things for this costume. Try to add the letter M on the hat.

• Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman might not be the most popular superhero character today, but every adult and child knows how Wonder Woman looks like. So, your dress must include a blue bottom/skirt with white stars, gold and red top and the tiara on your head should be in gold color with a red star on it. There is no doubt that these senior citizen costume ideas will make your next costume party more fun.

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