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Sandman Halloween Costume Ideas

What's creepier than a guy who wanders into your house in the middle of the night and sprinkles sand on your eyeballs to give you...pleasant dreams? If you want to be the classic Sandman for Halloween this year, check out these Sandman Halloween costume ideas:

Literal Sandman

One approach you could take is to put adhesive on your face and clothes and sprinkle it with sand, so that you are literally a sandman.

This can be kind of uncomfortable (itchy), so you can substitute some of the sand for sand-colored body paint, especially in the more problematic areas like around your eyes. Carry around a bag of sand on your back and distribute it to people at the party. Just make sure to bring a broom and dust pan for later.

Metaphorical Sandman

Now, the Sandman of legend gets his name not for being made of sand, but rather because of the magic dirt that he sprinkles on people in their sleep. In this case, you could get creative a put together a costume based on what you think the Sandman of legend would look like. however, what every costume design you come up with it should look creepy.

Spider-Man Sandman

If you want to go for the Sandman from the Marvel Universe, then you can get a pair of reddish pants and a short-sleeved green shirt with thin black horizontal stripes. Use some spirit gum to glue sand to your fingertips. This would be a good themed costume with a friend who wants to dress as Spider-Man.

Sandpaper Sandman

You could also wrap yourself in sandpaper. It's probably not a good idea, however it would make you a sandman. Halloween is a great time to dress as legendary creatures, so why not wear a Sandman costume this year?

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