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Robot Halloween Costume Ideas

If you like robots, Halloween is the perfect time to experience life as an automaton. Whether you want to embody one of those stereotypical boxy robots from old 1950's science fiction movies, or you'd rather take the more subtle humanoid robot approach, here are a few robot Halloween costume ideas to get you started:

B-Movie Robot

This one is pretty easy to make yourself, though you can also buy pre-made costumes. Grab a couple of cardboard boxes that look like they will fit your body, one for your head, one for your torso, and four for your limbs and spray paint them some sort of metallic color. Traditionally, they would be silver or chrome-colored, but you can try other hues and see what it looks like.

Next, draw all kinds of complicated looking buttons on the the boxes. Cut out square holes for your eyes and mouth, and pick up a few pieces of flex ducting at the hardware store for your joints. This can make for a pretty cheap costume if you're on a budget.

Cyborg or Android

You might want to look more human or more modern, so a cyborg look could be more up your alley. You can achieve that "electronic" look with makeup, or you could buy a pre-made cyborg or android robot costume online. You might also be able to find some simple zentai robot costumes.

Modern Robot

Robots are popular in modern movies as well, for example in the Transformers franchise and in a handful of movies based on Isaac Asimov's work. This is likely to be more expensive, though, since you'll probably have to buy pre-made commercial costumes. So if you're looking to celebrate technology this Halloween, dress up in your favorite robot costume and show your friends a vision from the future!

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