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Katy Perry (Roar) Halloween Costume Ideas

Safari Look

One of Katy Perry's most popular songs is her 2013 hit "roar." It was not only commercially successful but also featured a catchy tune and inspiring lyrics. The best part about the song, however, was the music video that accompanied it.

In the eye-popping video, Perry wears a really neat outfit that will be the basis for the costume. At the start of the video, Katy emerges from the rubble of a plane crash, and her clothes are therefore tattered and ripped.

In this ripped safari look, you will start with a white or crème colored button-down shirt and a light grey business casual skirt that falls just below the knee. These should preferably be items you don't necessarily plan on keeping, as you'll be deliberately damaging them. Using a scissor, cut a large portion of the right half of the skirt out.

Next, using brown and black paint or actual dirt, scuff up the bottom of the skirt to make it seem as though you've been traversing the jungle after an emergency plane crash. Be sure to scuff up the white button down as well.

Her shoes are never clearly shown in the video, so you can feel free to experiment with different styles, or even go without shoes. Accessorize with the brown belt and cheetah-print scarf. As the video progresses, the rip in the dress is slowly mended with a cheetah print cloth, so feel free to purchase one and sew it into the skirt if desired.

• Jungle Outfit

For the second portion of the video, Katy is wearing a hand-made jungle outfit. For this purchase extra short sweatpants. At a local craft store, buy large fake green leaves. Back at home, use fabric glue to adhere the large leaves to the sweatpants until you achieve your desired look. The same can be accomplished with cutting out leaf shapes from green construction paper, but the craft store trip is definitely recommended.

Regarding the top, Perry is wearing what appears to be a leopard printed athletic bra. This can be purchased on Amazon or potentially at a nearby department store. The look is finished with a crown made of purple, yellow, and white flowers. This can be created by going to a flower shop, buying fake flowers from a craft store, or by simply cutting out flower shapes from construction paper. Flowers can also line the waist of the leaf skirt.

Jerk Boyfriend

This costume pairs perfectly with a "jerk boyfriend" couples costume. This individual can wear khaki shorts, preppy boat shoes, a safari vest or Hawaiian button-down shirt, a large bucket hat, and a pair of binoculars. You can feel free to accessorize with any "jerky" additions, like some facial hair or even a camera for a quick selfie. Of course, the main focus of this costume idea is Katy Perry.

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