Little Red Ridding Hood Costume Ideas

One of the most iconic fairy tale characters in literature is, Little Red Riding Hood. She is a young girl who walks through the woods caring flowers for her grandmother. It is no wonder that girls of all ages want to dress up as her for Halloween parties.

Kids & Teens Outfit

To start, the kid's Riding Hood costume features a white blouse with a little apron dotted with flowers, a hooded sleeveless undercoat in bright red color and with laces rather than buttons. A nice little checked skirt with white socks and black shoes. There is also a basket to complement this outfit.

For a transitional teen 'Red Riding Hood' outfit use red velvet for the cloak. Velvet is soft and has rich colors. If one makes the costume in red velvet, it outshines other colors and materials. Moreover, for a sexy touch, a short red velvet cloak is best. One reason why red needs to stand out is because the title itself focuses on red. A good depiction of, 'red riding hood,' should have a striking presence of red in it.

Be sure to wear a light shade dress under the cloak so it doesn't make red look bland. White is an ideal color to wear under the cloak. To make it look appealing, reduce the size of the dress and wear a cloak that is longer than the dress but does not cover the entire front. Use a little hook to tie it so it does not flap in the wind. If the cloak is of some heavy material, then leave it unfastened. Make sure the dress beneath the hooded cloak is visible but not eye-catching.

As far as the cloak is concerned, you can just take a red sheet. It can be a red plain tablecloth as well as a bed sheet. Just see to the kind of texture you want. It can be silk, velvet or any other. Use the sheet to form a cloak. Only the hood needs some stitching, that too minute.

Another idea is to wear a red scarf of the same material and wrap the cloth around you. It will give the appearance of a cape. To complete the outfit be sure to wear white leggings and black shoes. Accessories will include a straw basket that is carried by hand.

Adult Outfit

The perfect adult 'Red Riding Hood' costume is a patterned red sleeveless poncho. It comes with a white top and black slip petticoat with red laces resembling a cosset, and a checked apron. Be sure to include black pumps or low heels and a basket covered in a checked red cloth. If your looking for real sex appeal consider wearing a black leather dress.

Another idea is a large red skirt with a slit from the thigh downwards, black boots, a brown petticoat with laces, a white top with long sleeves and a red poncho hood. These do not have to be plain but can be patterned as desired.

If your on a budget, try to use cloths in your closet. For example, if you have mini-skirts or short dresses at home, then wear those. Those do not have to be white or of the same color. Just keep the under-dress bland so the focus goes on the 'red' cloak. If you have a denim skirt and a white shirt, you can wear that as well. Wear what makes you look appropriate for the role you are playing.

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