Black Raven Costume Ideas

Once I saw upon my parlor floor, an attractive woman sitting by my door. She wore all black and with caw-like roar, quothed to me: "Nevermore." Black raven might be an oxymoron, but in a costume it is glorious.

Simple Raven

Simple Raven Halloween Costume Ideas

Imagine, for a moment, chic meets druid. Where on this spectrum you decide to place the costume is up to you. It can be as ornate and plumage filled or as simple and elegant as you desire. How you go about the costume depends a lot if you decide to go simple or involved.

The simple costume is black, sexy, and alluring. Within this costume, you have options. Are you a human who can turn into a raven, or a witch with a raven familiar? Note that having an actual raven is not recommended - though mad props if you have one - so a toy version is perfectly acceptable. In the simple form of this costume, you are a raven by color and by choice. You must sell the allure with the power of black clothing and confidence. Dark hair helps, too.

Even at the basics of an eye- catching black outfit, preferably with some lace or frills to simulate a feathery look, this costume looks great. If you want to go even further, you can. imagine for a moment you are not a druid, but something more. You are not a human who can turn into a raven, but a raven of the forest who can become human. Yet you can't quite get the look right. Your feathers show, but you look good and have that aura of power that lets people know to leave you alone.

Complex Raven

Complex Raven Halloween Costume Ideas

Feathered outfits are definitely a tricky prospect. If you buy them you want them to be of good quality so that your plumage looks great and properly displays your feathery glory. If you make it yourself, you're looking at a lot of time and materials to get the look right. Either way, going feathery will be involved, but the look is definitely worth the effort.

As for accessories, a more minimalist costume can benefit from some silver jewelry. Silver goes extremely well with black, after all. As noted before, a toy raven propped on the shoulder as a familiar can work as well. For the more ornate, feathery look, some jewelry could work, such as bracelets, a necklace, or even anklets if you're daring. Some rings could work too. If you go for a traditional druid look, remember they generally can't wear metal, so stone jewelry is a good alternative.

Of course, if you go the feathered route, your plumage should be the main attraction, for you are no mere pretty bird. You are a raven, the trusted familiar of Odin, leader of the Norse Gods. You peck the eyes from the fallen, impart your wisdom to those wise and brave enough to seek it, and, above all, you look really, really good while you do it. However you go about the costume, confidence in your own power will carry a lot of the look.

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