Rabbit Halloween Costume Ideas

Rabbit Halloween Costume Ideas

If your looking for something cute or sexy this year for this year's Halloween party or even Easter, then a rabbit might be a good option. Here's a few ideas to get things hopping:

• Cute Rabbit

Even though the sexual connotations of the costume are well known, a tasteful, cute version is also possible. Considering how some folks get around a more tasteful version is a good idea for more than just teens.

Adorable bunnies are adorable, after all. White and pink are the preferred colors here, however black is alight too. Don't forget the rabbit ears and bunny tail. Grab a carrot and you can perfect your Bugs Bunny routine, too.

As for clothes, in lieu of an actually bunny costume, a one piece swimsuit of the appropriate color can do the trick quite tastefully. Ears and a tail are pretty easy to purchase as well from costume shops and the wide world of the internet.

• Sexy Rabbit

Though some might call them sexy, stockings and leggings are always worth considering in colder weather to help keep you warm. When age is a consideration, remember to look into relevant dress codes before putting the costume together for good. Also, remember, duck season or rabbit season, just buy some lamb.

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