Purge Halloween Cosutme Ideas

The Purge Halloween Costume Ideas

"This is not a test. This is your emergency broadcast system announcing the commencement of the Annual Purge sanctioned by the U.S. Government... " Often, there is no better idea for a Halloween costume than a character from a massively successful horror film franchise. If you're ready to blow everyone away for Halloween, check out these do-it-yourself costumes and props inspired by The Purge series.

• Statue of Liberty Mask

A popular concept from the series is the Statue of Liberty Mask - an ominous take on America's own Lady Liberty. To start, you'll need two shades of green face paint. Next, paint your entire face dark green. Be sure to use neon green paint to draw two X's across your eyes.

To make it seems as though your mouth has been sewn shut, use the neon green paint to draw a horizontal line with small vertical lines on it just below your mouth. Complete the outfit with a statue of liberty foam crown. Feel free to get creative with a light green dress to finish off the costume.

• American Flag Mask

One of the most famous masks from the series is the American flag mask - a white mask with the colors of the United States of America spray-painted on, to honor the tradition of the purge in which murder and mayhem is legal for 12 hours.

For this one, you'll need a plain white mask, some face paint (red, white, black, and blue) and some fake blood. You start by painting red and white stripes vertically along the mouth. Next, you paint dark black circles around the eye portion of the mask, followed by painting the top of the mask blue and adding white stars throughout. Feel free to get creative with fake blood in order to increase the horror factor of your mask. So as to not detract from the mask, we recommend just wearing black jeans and a black t-shirt for this one.

• Man In The Suit Mask

Finally, we have perhaps the most terrifying of all the Purge characters: The man in the suit. Of course, the attire for this costume is rather simple - a plain suit and tie. The mask for this costume is largely up to your own discretion. In the films, the villain wears a Caucasian flesh-colored mask. Next, you want to use white and red paint to draw a gaping smile. Then use brown paint to draw eyebrows. Feel free to get creative with some fake blood on the mask as well.

• Purge Weapon

Of course, any Purge character needs a potent weapon. Guns knives and bats are some of the most common weapons used in the Purge, however you can really use any weapon you want (this is your night.) Most fake weapons' can be found at any Halloween costume store or online for cheap.

Ready to Purge this Halloween? (And don't forget the Purge rules, high ranking government officials are exempt.) Then why not dress in a Purge costume and watch people gasp and run from you in horror.

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