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Princes Halloween Costume Ideas

Princes costumes have always been popular during Halloween and you can purchase these dress at any Halloween party store. However, if you want to be creative this Halloween, you might want to make your own unique princess costume.

Kid's Princess

If you want to make a basic princess costume without making the design too complicated, then all you need is a child-size apron for the top portion and a skirt for the bottom portion. You won't need to do any sewing or cutting here either, so it is safe for your small child to participate in.

The great thing about using an apron is that it has a loop on the top which goes around the back of the child's neck. This means they can simply wear the dress over their shirt and pants with ease. You will want the shirt to be the same color as the apron and skirt. For example, if you're designing a white princess dress, then have your daughter wear a white long sleeve shirt and white skirt.

The fun part comes with adding accessories to the apron and skirt, such as ribbons, glitter, and whatever else you want to use to make the dress sparkle. Another idea is to have your child wear a sleeveless upper portion while wearing long satin gloves that stretch up to their elbows.

There are lots of ways you can design a princess costume. It simply depends on what look you want to have for your child. Just experiment with various designs with your child and the two of you can have fun creating an original costume together.

Adult Princess

The middle ages were interesting times to say the least. Even though people carried plagues and hardly ever bathed, today we still manage to attach certain romantic notions to those times.

A lot of stories about princesses in castles date back to the medieval era, so even if our notions may be unrealistic, they can make for dramatic costumes.

Since the clothes that they used to wear in medieval Europe aren't typical these days, you'll probably want to buy them from a specialty store. You have a few choices: You can get cheaper medieval princess Halloween costumes from party stores, and this won't cost you much.

You can also get something a bit more convincing from a cosplay store or a shop that sells clothes for Renaissance fairs, but it'll be more expensive. Finally, you can troll thrift shops trying to find something suitable, but you'll have to rely on luck to find the right outfit.

You could also opt to make it yourself if you're good at sewing, but the amount of fabric needed might prove a bit pricey. If you want quick, cheap, and easy, the best choice is to just get a pre-made one at a Halloween store.

People, and especially women, had long hair in those days, so if your hair is short, you should get a wig. Make sure the hair is straight and falls at least well past your shoulders. If you want to decorate your head, a garland of flowers would be perfect.

The best prop you could have is a companion horse. Since it;s impractical to run around with a real horse in most circumstances, enlist the help of a friend and have them dress up as a horse to complement your costume. You might even get two friends so that they can each be half of a horse.

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