Naked And Afraid Costume Ideas

Harry Potter & Friends Costume Ideas

Something wicked this way comes! Are you ready to double, double toil and trouble with the classic characters from J.K. Rowling's imagination? Well, saddle up your broom and dress as a charter from Harry Potter this Halloween. Here's how to get some of your favorite characters started:

• Harry Potter

First of all, we have Harry Potter, have Harry Potter, of course. In a lot of ways, he's one of the more plain characters in this colorful series, so his costume is relatively easy to put together.

Start with the Hogwarts student robes that are typical in this universe. You can find many companies making these, from the expensive official ones that you can buy at the Universal theme parks, to the generic knock-offs made of cheap fabric. Pick your threads depending on your budget.

For accessories, you're going to need Harry's glasses and his wand, at the very least. You can get a pair of round glasses at any party or costume store. The wand is a bit trickier. You can make your own, or go for an authentic approach by buying an official Harry Potter movie wand replica. If you're super-cheap, you can just get a generic plastic magic wand at a Halloween store, but those often don't look as good.

To complete the costume, you'll need to think about hair and makeup. A scruffy brown wig should work fine if your hair isn't normally too unruly. Makeup is minimal, just grab an eyebrow pencil and make a lightening bolt scar.

• Albus Dumbledore

The rather eccentric headmaster at Hogwarts is a great choice for a Halloween costume. If you've always wanted to play the old Merlin-esque Wizard, then Dumbledore is quite perfect. While you could make his costume from scratch out of fabric, the much cheaper (and easier) option is to buy a knock-off pre-made Dumbledore costume from a party store. Make sure to pick up a long white beard and a white wig to pull it all together. Grab an official Dumbledore wand or make one yourself, and you're ready to take on he-who-must-not-be-named.

• Bellatrix Lestrange

With a name like that, you know she's crazy. Luckily, she dresses crazily, too, and that makes her a good character to dress like for your Halloween festivities. Like Dumbledore, it's best to buy a pre-made costume, but you can also make one without too much trouble. Find a long black skirt, a black bodice, and a lacy black shirt, and you might just have the makings of a poor women's Bellatrix.

Find some high heeled shoes like the ones she wore in the movie, get a black wig with crazy frizz, and buy her wand online (or one that looks like it). Finally, put on some pale makeup and you're just about done.

Whether you're the world's biggest Potter fan, or you just grudgingly watched the movies with your friends, there are lots of wonderful characters to choose from for your Halloween costume this year. There's no need to wait for your Hogwarts letter to put on your uniform!

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