Wicked Pot (Potpourri) Halloween Costume Ideas

The dictionary defines potpourri as, "a mixture of things; mixed bag; variety." I've include my favorite mix of fun costume ideas for your next Halloween bash, enjoy!

Lizard Man Costume

Reptilian - By Gary Scott

If you like to spend your Halloween sending chills up the spines of strangers, taking your costume to the next level each year is a competition in itself. If you have yet to take on the shape of some reptilian monster, going as a lizard man is a sure way to make your friends scream in delight - or fear.

• The Body

It's time to get scaly. While you, unfortunately, can't turn your skin into that of a reptilian, there are some ways you can achieve the same illusion. With a generous supply of dark-green body paint, you can easily make your face and torso nearly unrecognizable (you can also use a sheer long-sleeve instead). next, you can mimic scales' appearance by using a black mesh shirt as the top layer and slapping on a small amount of glitter.

• Eyes And Horns

A pair of green color contacts will turn your costume from scary to straight-up bone-chilling. Of course, the most critical step during your transition into a full-blown lizard man depends on your fearsome horns. You can make these from clay, craft foam or masking tape, and attach them to your back and shoulders using a body-safe prosthetic glue. With your costume complete, it's time to slither over to your next Halloween party and take your place as a terrifying creature of the night.

Dinosaur Costume

Jurassic Park - Sue Green

If you're looking for a do-it-yourself costume that's easy and original, you'll need to go back 65 million years and check out these dinosaur costume ideas. Here's how to put such a costume together, one bone at a time.

• The Hoodie

Hoodies are your friend when it comes to Halloween costume ideas. Because they include a built-in hat, they're versatile and can be turned into everything from horns to (worn without your arms in the sleeves) an impromptu hooded cape. A hoodie (or a hooded sweatshirt) can be a huge help in creating a dinosaur costume. If you can find a green hoodie, more power to you. If not, that's ok. Your dinosaur can be any color you'd like.

Besides a hoodie, you'll need the following for your dinosaur costume: felt (in a color that contrasts well with your hoodie), scissors, and a hot glue gun. The first step is to cut out matching triangles that will be the spines along your dinosaur's back.

• The Spine

When you're sizing up your "spines" to figure out how large they should be, add an extra inch or two at the base of each triangle (this will give it room to attach to the hoodie). Also cut out a long, narrow triangle to make your dinosaur's tale.

To make each spine, glue two triangles together, leaving that extra inch or so unglued at the base of the spine. Having two triangles glued together will help the spines stand up better. Once they've dried, start at the top of the hoodie (on the hood) and glue the first "spine" to your hoodie via the extra material you left unglued.

That material will be spread out and glued on each side of the triangle; this will help keep it upright. Glue them in a straight line with a couple of inches between each one-all the way down the back of your hoodie. At the bottom/back of your hoodie, glue the dinosaur's "tail" to the underside so that it will hang out and down behind the wearer.

• Additional Options

You can wear the costume as-is, or you can get even more detailed with it. Additional options are to cut contrasting-color triangles and glue them on each side of the existing spines in order to really make them pop.

Want to turn your hood into an entire dinosaur head? With white and black felt, make dyno eyes and glue them to each side. For a ferocious look, glue white triangles all around the inside edge of the hood. Pull the hood down over your face and you're an instant carnivore.

The fun thing about this dinosaur costume idea is that it can be paired with any sort of clothing and shoes. Because it's such a fun and casual costume, it works with anything. Kick back, have fun, and enter a few costume contests, why not?

Bronze Statue Costume

Elegance - By Gina Davis

Have you ever wanted to embody the elegance of a bronze statue? Do you want to be that stunning woman or man with the stony, unbreakable exterior but a warm heart of gold? Well, why not give the Bronze Statue a try?

• Makeup

The first step in becoming the living embodiment of any elegant color is the makeup. You may want to apply it only to your face, or you could cover any kind of exposed flesh. Of course, the more...interesting your costume, the more skin you will need to color in. Try to go with a makeup that has a glossiness to it, otherwise it's just going to have a dull brown look.

If you can find a copper-colored wig, this may help make it easier when you're getting dressed up on Halloween night. However, you can also choose to find some bronze temporary hairspray and give your natural hair that metallic tint.

• Clothing

If you're going for that statuesque look, less is more when it comes to clothes. If you'd rather stay a little modest, a bronze-colored zentai suit with the hood unzipped might work, too.

Since the theme of your costume is a metallic hue, why waste this opportunity to wear some attractive jewelry? Find some bronze-colored earrings and a necklace. For an exotic, "pierced" look, you can add all sorts of nose rings, eyebrows rings, and more.

• Final Thoughts

If you're feeling festive, you can also try a bronze hat or headpiece. No matter what accessories or techniques you use to create your bronze Halloween costume, just make sure to get creative and add your own style!

Rapper Costume

The Beat - By John Long

The Hip Hop Rapper Halloween costume does not necessarily have to resemble a particular artist or musician. When you design this costume, you need to think about attitude and toughness. Here's how to put it together:

• Getting Started

Hip-hop rappers typically wear casual clothes which are comfortable yet attractive. But the true effect of the outfit comes from the accessories that you wear. For example, if you are a man then you can start with blue jeans and a black or white t-shirt.

The shirt should be a little bit long so that it goes down just past the waistline. Rappers used to wear their pants down under their waist and then cover it with their shirt. If you are looking to capture the retro rapper look from the 1990s and early 2000s, then go for it.

• Head Gear

For your head, you can wear a baseball cap with the visor pointed to the side or behind. Alternatively, you can wrap a bandana around the top of your head and then tie it off in the front. Some rappers use black bandanas while others might use a bandana with a pattern design. It doesn't really matter. If you want to wear the hat over the bandana, that can work too.

• Jewelry

Now the main feature of the costume will be the gold jewelry. You will want to wear at least one gold chain necklace around your neck. Some rappers like to wear gold necklaces with a crucifix hanging down in front.

If you really want to go hardcore, you can wear multiple gold chain necklaces or perhaps a mixture of silver and gold. Remember this does not have to be real gold or silver. You can simply use gold or silver-plated jewelry, and nobody will know the difference.

Fortuneteller Costume

Too Many Tomorrows - By Joyce Dewitt

Are you a sage who can peer into the future and tell everyone about their fortune? On the other hand, are you so non-intuitive that you can't even predict what you'll be eating for breakfast tomorrow? None of that matters at the carnival.

• The Outfit

The first thing you will need are some long, draping robes. People don't trust psychics who just wear jeans and a T-shirt. You have to look fancy and world-worn, like you come from another age and are delivering a sacred message.

You can buy a pre-made fortuneteller costume and that might do the trick, but if you like the DIY approach and want a unique look, then spend some time at a thrift shop or a fabric store. Oracles have looked different throughout the ages, and you may want to put a unique twist on the stereotypical 'gypsy' costume that so many fortunetellers wear.

Once you've chosen your rags, you can throw in some jewelry. If you're going for the stereotype, this means having a couple of hoop earrings and some nose rings.

• The Props

If you're into fortune telling , you can get yourself a crystal ball. Carry it around and tell people that you're going to tell them their fortunes. You might even want to set up a little area for yourself and light some candles. What you say to people is up to you, but beware of being negative and telling people that their lives will go up in flames.

Some people believe in psychic powers and even if you may not be particularly psychic, your predictions might become self-fulfilling prophecies. (See the story of Oedipus Rex.) Are you ready to predict your friends future? Be sure to tell everyone the winning lottery numbers and you'll definitely be a hit in your oracle costume.

Redneck Costume

Down South - By Jake Miller

The term, "Redneck" is one that is considered to be a derogatory slang. Throughout history, it has taken on many definitions. In the earliest years of its usage, it referred to poor farmers that lacked an education located in the southern region of the United States.

Today, to call someone "Redneck" or "Hillbilly" is still derogatory, however they don't care, honestly, they proudly wear the label. Ultimately the whole culture reflects an air of independence, people that live in cut off communities, but communities that are tight. And they love to dress to match the stereotype.

• Redneck TV

In recent years there has been a growing audience of shows celebrating the redneck lifestyle and culture. For example, shows like Duck Dynasty, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Moonshiners, Bayou Billionaires, Hillbilly Handfishin, Rocket City Rednecks, My Big Redneck Wedding, have increased in popularity. And while you're watching, take some notes.

And fear not, if your stylish enough not to own any of the items that you'll need to make up the outfit, then you just need to go to the thrift store. I guarantee you that a few dollars should be more than enough to cover the entire outfit, head to toe.

• DIY Redneck Wear

Redneck costumes for Halloween and fancy dress parties are becoming more and more popular these days, they are one of the best DIY outfits you can wear. Most people own or have family members that own many items that are ideal for this look.

And in these cash strapped times who doesn't love the idea of not having to fork out a huge chunk of cash on something that can only be worn once. Are if your worried that your outfit might offend someone because of cultural appropriation or racism, well with Rednecks you don't need to worry about offending them. It's impossible. If anything they will be flattered that you're following their style, or lack thereof.

Redneck Costumes are one of the simplest and most creative things to come up with. And who doesn't like looking like an over the top piece of trash every once in awhile. Just for the sheer shock factor. You could also make it a Zombie Redneck if you really wanna turn heads.

• Redneck Accessories

If you want to use this as the perfect excuse to go shopping for the perfect outfit, follow these suggestions: A printed polyester robe or something similar. Knee highs stockings or socks for men. Slippers, Sandals, Cowboy boots. Big hair curlers, preferably mismatched, hairnet. The obligatory hairnet. Plastic, garish jewelry. Funny shaped sunglasses, the more over the top, the better. Fake beards, or if you can just grow your own. Ugly wigs.

If you liked what you see on this page please share with your friends and family. If it doesn't inspire them, it might just make them LOL. But chances are they will want to join you this year in saving money and creating their very own redneck Halloween costume.

Mr. Robot Costume

Dark Net - By William Southerland

Looking for that perfect, simple costume that you can throw together last minute, but that will still reference an aspect of pop culture that's instantly recognizable to anyone who watches TV? Why not go with a Mr. Robot Halloween costume this year?

• The Hoodie & Clothing

First you must look obvious and suspicious, so you're going to need a dark hoodie that screams "anarchist!" Pick a zip-up hoodie sweater that is of a thin, light style, rather than one of the baggier kinds. Get it as close as you can to the dark, nondescript ones that you see on the show.

Make sure to always wear the hood flipped over your head and saunter around sullenly with your hands crammed into the pockets. The rest of your clothing should be jeans and a T-shirt, of course. What color T-Shirt? It doesn't really matter, since you should never unzip your hoodie.

• The Backpack

Where is a hacker without all his hacker equipment? If you want to be authentic, you're going to need a black backpack with no obvious brand names on it, as nondescript as the hoodie. Just make sure the backpack looks full, but if you want to go the extra mile, you can fill it with actual "hacker stuff." Throw in a laptop with a destroy of Linux installed, an external hard drive, and a case of CD's.

• Face

Finally, you need to look like you've spent far too many nights staring at a glowing screen with nothing but excessive amounts of caffeine keeping you alive. Borrow your girlfriend's dark eyeshadow and paint some dark circles around your eyes. For extra authenticity, get minimal sleep a few days before Halloween so that you have genuine puffy eye-bags.

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