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Poker Player Halloween Costume Ideas

Poker is becoming more and more popular these days, and itís no wonder because some people make millions gambling. Of course, they can lose those millions in mere hours as well, but thatís part of what makes gambling so addictive, itís unpredictability! Why not play the odds yourself this Halloween and dress up as a poker player?

Gamble on a Losing Streak

The first type of poker player you can be is the ill-fated gambler who is facing a major losing streak. Though most of us would like to think that we know when to quit, the truth is that we often donít, and the result is that we end up losing our shirts! You can literally walk around shirtless with ripped pants and messy, greasy hair. Have dark circles under your eyes and make it look like you havenít slept in days because you gambled away all of your life savings.

Throw in a flask of booze, too, to show people that youíre drowning your sorrows. Have a few poker chips in your hand, the last bit that youíre holding onto. Itís terrible to lose, but itís worse to lose everything!

Winning Poker Player

Thereís also a glamorous side to gambling, and thatís when you win! If the odds have been in your favor this time, then get a fancy leisure suit and put on a bunch of fake gold rings. Get some fake chains, smoke a fake cigar, and walk around with your pockets stuffed with fake wads of cash.

You might also want to put some playing cards up your sleevesómaybe you decided that the usual odds werenít good enough for you, you cheater! If Vegas is your favorite playground, or even if youíve never gambled a day in your life, a poker player costume may be the perfect fun outfit this Halloween!

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