Dark Halloween Poetry

As I nodded almost napping, suddenly there came a tapping, somebody was rapping at my door. On my dark and dreary porch, a trick-or-treater, disguised as the Grim Reaper, implores me for a treat and nothing more... From the twisted mind of Dark Johnny comes his collection of work that will satisfy your insatiable appetite for Halloween poetry.

Party Animal

I feel the calling of the night
it's Halloween, to my dark delight
There's something eerie in the air
It summons me to the demon's lair

Without realizing, I arrive at a place
A Halloween party, I see my first scary face
Attractive witches are kissing a Pumpkin
The Grim Reaper is there for the hunting

A man in a tux asks me who I am
A mysterious woman grabs him by the hand
Their deep eyes fixed in mine
Suddenly they laugh, and drink red wine

Purple candles are lit in a room
Satan himself will be coming soon
As hours go by, I can't deny
I want to stay, instead of saying goodbye

The music and monsters are now my friends
I wish this celebration would never end
I was offered a pipe, that I can't resist
So many surprises still yet to exist...

A Beautiful Man

Look at me, deep into my eyes
I am a monster, I can tell you no lies
A grotesque zombie, a son of the night
I hide after dark, away from the light

I can see you are afraid, but don't run away
I'm not evil in anyway
Allow your soul to see deep inside
I'm not so bad, please don't run and hide

Beauty is often a dangerous mask
Seeing past the skin is the ultimate task
There can be danger behind a sweet smile
Knowing a person can take awhile

Embrace this abomination that is me
Burn the illusion, allow yourself to be free
Come to my realm, and the truth you will see
A Demon's embrace shall be with thee

The Black Widow

Hello, my love let's have some fun
I just killed my husband, let's drink some rum
I can see your nervous, it shows on your face
But I'm experienced at sex, lets meet at your place

Six months has passed and it's time to wed
I can't wait to get inside your head
The pastor reads our vows in church
A vulture sits on a nearby perch

Now that were married I've doubled my wealth
However, it's a shame you're in such bad health
Before you sleep, I'll give you a smile
And if you don't wake, I'll give 911 a dial

I loved you my love till the end
But now's the time to tie-up loose ends
The police have figured out my sinister scam
So, now I can only meet men on an adult web cam

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