Pinocchio Halloween Cosutme Ideas

Pinocchio Halloween Costume Ideas

When it comes to Halloween costume ideas, you can't get any more unique than designing a costume dressed like Pinocchio. Here's how to get started:

The Outfit

The basis of your Pinocchio costume will be dressed in red shorts and a yellow T-shirt. To make Pinocchio's classic red suspenders, simply get some red cloth and yellow felt. Cut the red cloth into two strips (measuring 'Pinocchio's' shoulders to be sure each strip will reach the shorts in the front and the back).

Hot glue the suspender straps to the inside seam of the shorts. With the yellow felt, cut out two large circles that will be Pinocchio's suspender "buttons" and glue them on the front of the shorts just where the suspenders attach. Tie a thick blue ribbon into a huge bow (you may need a crafty friend to help if you're not a good bow tier) and hot glue it to the front of Pinocchio's shirt.

He'll also need white gloves and a hat. Pinocchio typically has a yellow hat with blue ribbon trim around it, but a small, yellow straw hat will do. Apply black eyeliner around his eyes, as well as blush to Pinocchio's cheeks to give him a puppetry glow.

The Strings

Most importantly, Pinocchio needs strings. For this, take two dowel rods and glue them together in an X. With a roll of thick string, measure two pieces that will reach from the bottoms of Pinocchio's feet up to a foot or two above his head.

Do the same with two strings that will reach from his wrists to above his head. Glue one end of each string to each end of the X. You can tie the strings to Pinocchio's wrists/ankles, tuck them into his gloves, socks, or simply have them dangle free as your friend (portraying Geppetto) walks around and pretends to guide him.

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