Pet Halloween Cosutme Ideas

Pet Halloween Costume Ideas

It is always fun to dress up your pet when it comes to Halloween because you can truly unleash your creativity. Have you ever wondered how would your pet look in a devil costume or a skeleton costume? Well, this is the right time to check.

Major Tom Cat

Our hero, Major Tom Cat took time out from his space mission in order to pose for this classic photo. If you going to dress your cat as an astronaut you should skip the helmet (way to uncomfortable) and just go with the space-suite. If it works out your pet will be ready to explore the stars on Halloween night.

Fur & Bones

If you are looking a simple solution, you can also make your dog or cat look like a skeleton. This is one of the simplest pet costume ideas because all you need is black clothing with bones imprint on top of it. Imagine yourself with a Grim Reaper costume and your pet with a skeleton costume next to you. It's defiantly fun.

Professor York

Our Yorkshire Terrier, William was nice enough take time way from his teaching job at Harvard to to pose for this picture. Bill has an I.Q of over 200, but the glasses make him look even smarter. If you want to make your pet look smart add some glasses to its face. The only problem is how to keep the glasses on your pets face. Oh well it's a cute picture at least.

Pet Switcheroo

Roar! Dose your pussy think he's a mighty lion? Well maybe not, but here's an idea which is funny and strange at the same time. You can turn your pet into another animal by using a suitable costume. If your pet has brown or golden fur you can easily make it look like a lion, bear or tiger. We can all agree that these animals are scary! If you just want to make other people laugh you can use a rooster costume or chicken costume.

Jumpsuit George

Our cute Jack Russell Terrier named George, was nice enough to pose for our Halloween photo shoot last fall. George is Sporting a blue and white jumpsuit gazing at the camera with charm. What an adorable dog and you too can dress your pet in a cute jumpsuit for Halloween.

Doing Hard Time

Poor Mike, he's doing some hard time in Upstate New York, however his misfortune makes for a great Halloween costume idea. For sure this costume that will make your pet look tough. All you need is a white t-shirt that should be painted with a black spray or you can also look for a shirt with black and white stripes. Don't forget to use a suitable cap and a sign with numbers on it in order to make it look more realistic. For a simpler costume a skull bandana with a gold medallion will work too.

Bee Fury

What's the buzz? How about turning your cat into a bumblebee this Halloween? All you need is a sweater that can be found on any online costume store. Simply slip on the sweeter and your pet will bee (no pun indented) the cats meow on Halloween night.

I hope that these pet costume ideas for Halloween will make this night more exciting. Remember that the outfit worn by your pet should be safe and comfortable.

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